How Do I Clear My Cache?

Many display issues or site glitches can be fixed by clearing your cache. Visit Refresh Your Cache to view the instructions for your particular browser or device. It’s effortless, but the process varies from browser to browser.

This is a speedy and effective cure-all.

Why Do I Need To Clear My Cache?

As you browse the internet, your browser temporarily stores information. When you return to a site, it will check to see if a copy of the files is already saved. If so, it will load it from the cache copy rather than downloading it over again – making the webpage load faster.

However, if the site has been updated recently, your browser will be accessing the outdated files, possibly causing display or access problems.

Clearing your cache will solve nearly all issues where a page is not reacting or loading. Fortunately, it is super-easy. You can also Force Reload by holding the shift or control key as you reload the page. It’s not as thorough as clearing the cache, but it can help.


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