How Are Mystic’s Horoscopes Different From Other Horoscopes?

Someone called it “astrology for sociopaths.” Mystic was initially offended, but then this person explained that they had been using it to shark their way through complex business terrain and it had worked. There is a place for crystals and incense but let’s be real: we are living through interesting times. We need every single weapon at our disposal to thrive though and remain Zeitgeist compliant…aka not psychically trapped in another era. Mystic aims to make the ancient practice and art of astrology relevant to complicated modern lives.

Mystic Medusa is an adrenalin shot of wit and wisdom. I’ve been a Mega Mystic subscriber for nearly TEN years and it has honestly been the best investment in my personal growth that I have ever made. No other site teaches me more about myself, my work, my struggles and my relationships – and ultimately how to be the best version of myself – while making me laugh out loud on a daily basis. I love Mystic – she adds genius and pragmatic magic to your everyday world.
Fiora Cutler

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Last Update: May 23, 2020  


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