Does Mystic Know A Good Animal Psychic/Horse Whisperer?

Mystic recommends Emma Crawford-Chandler, an animal communicator based in South Australia who also works remotely, anywhere in the world.

“Emma is amazing. When I was first talking to her on the phone, she gave me spooky, real-deal druidess vibes. She’s empathetic and nice, which you would expect in a person doing this job, but she also says things that ring utterly true and which she could not have surmised or guessed. A woman whose opinion I rate gave me her details as I wanted to get clarity/solace after the untimely passing of my young cat. She was super-helpful but most of her work is with animals in this plane. I knew she was legit when she tuned into my other cat and admitted that Tesla had told her words to the effect of “rack off; I’m not interested.” Her specialty is in providing extra insight around animals whose issues are not resolving via standard vet care or which are difficult to diagnose.”

Her site is here.

Recommended animal psychic. Emma Crawford Chandler with a horse

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Last Update: January 6, 2020  

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