Can Mystic Recommend A Fantastic Feng Shui Consultant?

Mystic uses and recommends Kartar Diamond of Feng Shui Solutions.

“Feng Shui has fascinated me since I first heard about it in the early Nineties. Essentially, it applies the Five Element cycle used in acupuncture to spaces; your house, office and so forth. Like any ancient modality translated to contemporary culture, the scene has its fair share of flakes and unscrupulous people seeking to extract money with scant return or who are out of their depth.

But Kartar is a fantastic Feng Shui consultant. Based in California but working all over the world, she is knowledgeable, empathetic and professional.

I have always enjoyed her books but only reached out for a consult after a remarkable deterioration in the advice I was receiving from a person I had previously trusted and recommended.

Kartar wowed me with her esoteric expertise and thoroughness. She is anti-bling and trinkets and focuses on maximum results via a detailed assessment with minimal, highly effective fixes.

I also like her as, though she really knows her subject, she is neither pompous nor fatalistic. You can hire her for a ground-up building report or just ask her a simple question.

You can learn more about Kartar Diamond here.  If you’re more interested in getting more info so you can be your own Feng Shui genius, she has an online course and fabulous little e-books on various topics. 

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Last Update: January 6, 2020  

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