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Want Mystic's thoughts on fantastic books, practitioners, articles, and so on? They're all here. Mystic Medusa takes zero kickback and is not affiliated to any product/company but her own. So you can rely on her know-it-all, opinionated take. Astrological Note: Mars in Virgo quincunx (and in mutual reception) to Mercury in Aries.Nikola Tesla with lightning machineImage: Dickenson V.Alley - Nikola Tesla - With Tesla Coil

  1. Does Mystic Know A Good Animal Psychic/Horse Whisperer?
  2. Can Mystic Recommend A Fantastic Feng Shui Consultant?

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Get answers to questions on Mystic Medusa Astrology's privacy protocols, data handling, and security measures.(Image: Remedios Varo)

  1. Is My Birth Data Private?

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