Moon Signs

Moon Signs – The Yin To Your Yang


How Important Are Moon Signs?

Moon Signs matter! What you think of as “your sign” is the Sun Sign. That is, the constellation of the Zodiac that the Sun was traveling through at the moment you first drew breath.

It’s significant, of course.  But the sign that the Moon was in at birth is just as important. But who talks about Moon Signs?

You could see the Moon as Yin to the Yang of your Sun, a more receptive and feminine expression of your vital force. But this seems sort of sexist.

Who’s to say that the Moon does not exert a more powerful effect than the Sun?

In old fashioned astrology books, the Moon depicts who we are when we can’t help it.

The Moon Is Who We Are When We Can’t Help It

Or, the path of least resistance. It is our psyche or the inner realm. Think of the Moon as an inland sea of emotions with its own mysterious telepathic tides and secrets. It is the wildness that runs through our veins and our ancestral memories. Luna is a poem woven into every synaptic fiber of our being.

What if the Moon was traditionally deemed less important because of, you know, sexism?  There as many different definitions of what the Moon means as there are astrologers, priestesses, and witches. To divine whether you’re expressing your Moon or just your Solar energies, you first have to know your Moon sign.

The best way to ascertain your Moon sign is to get one of my Astral DNA birth reports – it delineates the Moon by Sign and House.

Doing Your Moon Elevates A Low Mood

Even if you don’t care for thinking about whether you’re more Lunar or Solar, “doing your Moon” is a really rapid way to elevate a low mood.

Understanding other peoples Moon energy gives you an edge into knowing them. The Moon also reveals what sort of a woman (The Moon traditionally = females) a person feels most deeply at ease with.

Bonus: As per this post from the archives, your Moon sign also determines your style of mothering, if apt.



Image: Max Ernst 

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