Moon Signs – The Yin To Your Yang

Moon Sign

What is your moon sign?

What you think of as “your sign” is the Sun Sign. That is, the constellation of the Zodiac that the Sun was travelling through at the moment you first drew breath into this life.

It’s significant, of course.  But the sign that the Moon was in at birth is just as important and less people know their Moon sign.

You could see the Moon as Yin to the Yang of your Sun

A more receptive and feminine expression of your vital force – but this seems sort of sexist. Who’s to say that the Moon does not exert a more powerful effect than the Sun?

In old fashioned astrology books, the Moon is said to depict who we are when we can’t help it or the path of least resistance.  It is our psyche, the inner realm, an inland sea of emotions, mysterious telepathic tides and secrets. The wilderness vibe that runs through our veins, our ancestral memories…a poem woven into every synaptic fibre of our being.

What if the Moon was traditionally deemed less important because of, you know, sexism?  There as many different definitions of what the Moon means as there are astrologers, priestesses and witches. To divine whether you’re expressing your Moon or just your Solar energies, you first have to know your Moon sign.

Luna Luxe has my definitions and remedies (that also work as as a guide to gifting) but it does not contain an ephemeris to look up your Moon sign. This is because the Moon whizzes through the signs of the Zodiac every couple of days. An ephemeris to cover the Moon properly would be hundreds of thousands of pages.

Find your Moon Sign

The best way to ascertain your Moon sign is to:

  • go to  Astrodienst click on “Chart Drawing, Ascendant” on the top left. (look for a Crescent Moon symbol)
  • Or, on the bottom left, it will list your Moon sign. (right below the Sun)

Once you know your Moon sign, you’re good to go!

Find your Moon Signs House

You can also check out the “House” your Moon is in, by looking at the little number near the centre in the sector where your Moon is.

If you just want an approximate idea, like it’s someone you’re vaguely interested in but not enough to generate a chart, just google the year of their birth and “ephemeris” so – “XXXX Ephemeris” and then choose the Astrodienst option, check the Moon, it is always in the fourth column from the left. It’s super-fast and simple.

Even if you don’t care for thinking about whether you’re more Lunar or Solar, “doing your Moon” is a really rapid way to elevate a low mood.

Understanding other peoples Moon energy gives you an edge into knowing them. The Moon also reveals what sort of a woman (The Moon traditionally = females) a person feels most deeply at ease with.

Bonus: As per this post from the archives, your Moon sign also determines your style of mothering, if apt.

Once you know your Moon – or anyone else’s Moon – instantly download Luna Luxe and have fun as you glean spooky insights & tips!

*Lunar got demeaned as “loonie”.  See also: hysteria – ‘the wandering womb’ – as opposed to (say) a culture in which female strength, creative energy and individuality were dangerous. 



Image: Max Ernst