This Is The Weekend Of Aquarius

This is the weekend of Aquarius – an intensive, hyper-strength, Jupiter-amplified Aquarius Full Moon.

Come for the catharsis, stay for the surreal info-flow. I’m immersed in edits of my obsessive Astral DNA report rewrite* so was not, at first, paying significant attention to the atmosphere. But it’s SO Aquarian.

Section (1) of this post is a general pepper-upper section (2) is more of a broad what the astro-fuq?


(1) (a) Feeling emotionally conflicted or ultra-conscious of tensions/the threat matrix is normal Full Moon business. It’s part of the process: the Moon is as far from the Sun as it can legitimately get, revealing factors within your psyche that are normally imperceptible. If life is as far out of whack as it’s been for many people this year, it’s destabilizing. However…

(b) If you can hold space for skittish ambiguity and rationalize apprehensions without repressing them, the Full Moon/potent Uranian influence can spring sensational results and it’s particularly rad for science, study, tech, coding, architecture, and time management revamps.

(c) I’ve noticed some people self-policing themselves for being ‘shallow’ or the old “I can’t complain because I’m not in…<insert hellhole of your choice>.”  Yes, absolutely it is humbling to reflect on your relative privilege and security. It’s obviously a good perspective tool. But you can complain. Or be the person who both feels wretched for women trapped behind Taliban lines/people who are struggling with social isolation protocols AND is really fuqed off they can’t go to the gym/get their hair done.  It’s not a diametric rule that one rules out the other and you know what?

(d) Nobody is at their best during phases of prolonged stress. Every instinct tells you trouble is afoot and your system flips into a Mars mode, scanning for threats and checking that your perimeter is secure. It expands to include areas where you may have fallen short but misses the things you’re doing brilliantly because they’re not a problem and thus not on your internal alert system.

So why not use the lucid objectivity of the Uranian/Aquarius Full Moon to focus on what you’re doing fabulously?

Note: The recent comments widget was throwing a security error, so I took it down until I can investigate it.

*Which is going to be worth the wait because it is the coolest thing I’ve ever written.

What The Astro-Fuq?

(2) (a) Notice, beneath the usual news flow of random weirdness, the geopolitical mood shift: More talk of pandemic measures besides lockdown and vaccinations – eg: regulated indoor air standards and filtration, the USA going on the Dark Web to offer lavish rewards for cyber-intel – this seems like a clever, super-Uranian pivot in response to the latest cyberattack and Michael “Big Short” Burry shorting Tesla + Coinbase….Summary: Less stuck but definitely weirder.

(b) I am also anticipating some interesting information releases with Mercury trine Pluto and opposite Neptune from August 23 to 26, most probably re diagnostics /differing details between different PCR machines and their manufacturers/programming.

(c) Kabul is really giving me the jitters. Not the political angle of it as the complexity of it is far beyond me but instinctively. It will be less terse after the Full Moon is exact  – 12.02 Universal Time Sunday. But in classical astrology, Mars trine Uranus and this Moon-Jupiter favor the insurgents or a coup, not the U.S. and co, nor even the Taliban: something else.

(d) This footage from Oaf Nation captures the atmosphere and you can see how bizarre it is. It’s a GWOT veteran account so some of the comments are a bit raw but also highly informative. I hope it all goes as smoothly as it can possibly go and that somehow, this gigantic cluster-fuq can deliver something of value for future strategy.

Poignantly, “Operation Enduring Freedom” began in October 2001, with Saturn opposite Pluto in Saggo and Mercury Retrograde in Libra, as it is about to be again. Another echo: December 13/14 2001 saw a Saggo Solar Eclipse and this year there is one on December 4.

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Crystallised future

Wow. Isn’t astrology amazing for predictable links? And how much the beginning and the end of something profound are somehow astrologically similar but from a different angle?


Great post! Explains a lot of the weirdness I’ve been noticing. I also especially find it annoying when people say they can’t complain because they’re not in <insert hellhole of your choice>

Just rage, people! You can have your “humbleness” & also acknowledge (actually feel something) for the plight of others in the world right now. It’s motivating to do more for others – not just use it as a metaphor for an internal motivation of gratitude. Get donating, giving, reaching out to others, reading up on foreign affairs, reading more on local & national politics, volunteering etc. I’ve been doing all the above & I think this is what it feels like to be an Aquarian. I love it.


This weekend was really intense. I can normally parse external events, keeping them separate from my personal experience, but the news is so apocalyptic, even I’m jittery. My pisces rising/aries sun partner is feasting on outrage, winding down from a two hour tv news binge, alternating with twitter, with a disaster movie featuring the San Andreas fault. My nervous system is twitching just thinking about it. My most useful ways to manage my mental health over the weekend included going for a beachwalk with a friend, crocheting colourful mandalas, lying in the hammock, full sun, journalling.


I’m with you in the hammock. I’m done. I’m either having the check out or I’m practically polishing a firearm waiting for the war to. Start.


Your activities to stay balanced really sound like the right ones, firecow. I watched a beautiful online lecture by Eckhart Tolle this weekend, which he did in October 2020 to guide people during the pandemic. His advice was to try and and get in touch with stillness and consciousness through meditation… in other words to not get swept up in the mass hysteria of the times… I found it soothing 🌌


Thank you Mystic! Going to try to see this as a time for me, an Aqua Sun/Mercury/Venus, to grow and take control. Ample opportunities around me but I just don’t want to do the work.

This full moon is conjunct my Aqua sun and it’s been so immensely painful. Feel that I am coming to the breaking point with a family situation that has been ongoing for a year now. I will have to act, have to stand up for myself, and I don’t want to. Missing my ex immensely, who was a great support with these difficulties (we broke up when Saturn hit my Venus and squared his moon in May). Jupiter is on my Sun too–where’s some of that jollity?

p.s. the chills I got reading your prediction about Afghanistan.


Hi Damnedspot, re your question about transiting Jupiter conjunct your Sun. Astrologer Liz Greene says that Jupiter conjuncting a planet can be painful, as it can resemble a birthing process (expansion) or an intense creative process. She also said that insights gained during a Jupiter transit can be extremely valuable. But that it is up to the individual to make sure that these insights are put to good use in reality, as Jupiter is not concerned with that part of the process. Good luck from a Jupiter person! (Saggo) 🌟


I echo Calcifer. Jupiter on MY aqua Sun was meh, even being the highlight of my solar return! I have found more joviality from relatively minor Jup-Venus trines and friendly moon cycles like Moon-Mercury.


There is a lot to chew on there that resonates. It does feel like I’m becoming something new/in the middle of a major transition into a larger life than maybe I had plans for. Thank you Calcifer!

p.s. I love the way you put that “Jupiter is not concerned with that part of the process.” Oh to be Jupiter! Unconcerned!


I love the Hubris Vs Nemesis picture, Mystic. I am having MAJOR life altering Pluto-Saturn transits. A once-every-12 year piffley Jupiter transit ain’t gonna take nothin from them. 🙂

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