The Aquarius Moon Algorithm

One eye on a fan with rose quartz

The Aquarius Moon algorithm is incomprehensible, but god, it works well. In an age like this, with little Air element, it can feel transcendental. Of course, when we have Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini next decade, we’ll be looking at the Earth sign moons for lunar sanctuary.

But with Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all in Earth signs. There is also a stellium in Virgo. The Moon in Aquarius elevates consciousness and aerates dialogue. Pure objectivity drains soggy dynamics and zombie sentiment. Of course, there is a downside – people aren’t equipped for anything off their frequency and probably won’t bother masking their tune-out.

And, if you’re not naturally Uranian, it can feel spacie. But for every moment of flaky detachment, there is a Eureka Flash. Apprehension about potential change switches to delight. You’re more able to reframe things and experiment. You could keep weird hours, eat only one food, or make decisions that nobody can interpret.

The Aquarius Moon Algorithm Elevates Consciousness

People born during this Moon have the Aquarius Moon algorithm hard-wired into their psyches.

From my Astral DNA report:

Moon in Aquarius

Despite some of the other signs reputation for secrecy, Moon-in-Aqua outdoes them all. They vibe so transparent and simple. Yet their inner world is amazing. Think: super lucid flying dreams, U.F.O. or ghost experiences, communing with the souls of machines, strange synchronicity and sometimes kinaesthesia. The electric genius of the lunar Zodiac, they are kinky but keep it real quiet, especially if it conflicts with their utopian ideals. An affinity for tech and their ability to align with the breaking zeitgeist renders them a fantastic futurist, artist, avatar and/or cult leader. Their lack of neediness can scare some peeps who prefer a more traditional style of loyalty. As a child, many Aquarius Moons were convinced that they were actually alien royalty. Maybe…they are?

Ideals Can Kill Ingenuity

Whether you have this by birth or are just enjoying it at the moment, the Aquarius Moon algorithm runs on innovation. But when you’re fueled by something so Promethean, you’re pragmatic about it. Ideals can kill ingenuity just as fast as a leaden imagination. In the same way, most intensely creative work looks dull from the outside.

The Moon in Aquarius can look monochromatic and sedate, but it’s a framework for the future and the counterpoint to stale ideas or emotion.


Image: Joseph Cornell – Optician’s Chart



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Holy Crap – you wrote electric genius and after botched Electroconvulsive Therapy in 2014 I’ve been reclaiming the experience by saying I have an Electric Mind. I’m Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, Taurus Rising with Venus in Aquarius….


Being an aquarian moon during an aquarian moon is like being naturally high and hanging out with people who are getting stoned. They at last get your trip. I enjoy considering the idea of being Elven in the Tolkien sense. While I don’t really need the royalty bit, I will try it on for size since you are groovy enough to suggest it. 😉

Thanks Mystic, you’re a star!


I watched Captain Fantastic yesterday, that was very Aqua moon. Aquarius is my 9th house so that was a short fun Aqua mind journey


The weird goes pro.


Unprecedented weird.


I attract Aqua moons into my sphere, it must be partly due to Aquarius ruling my fourth house. They are interesting and fun without being clingy which is a good match for my Sag moon. Oh and Uranus can take its sweet time hitting my Gemini 8th house, thank you (eek!)


Me too re attracting Aqua loonies (also my 4th).


Ugh, In a funk over erosion of ‘home’ boundary. Incompatible frequency coming over here spontaneously, to fix/replace a maladjusted sliding door which had jumped off the rails. ‘Negotiation’ seems to be anathema/futile. So much for yoga, a gentle start to the day etc. Transiting Saturn (+ pluto) conjunct my Asc & transiting Chiron conjunct IC now = existentially crisising over it all; Gagging for space, privacy, honouring of sovereignty/boundaries. Aquarius void Moon realisation: This wouldn’t happen in my home galaxy of Andromeda (compatible with my frequency). A little confused though, as to why I’m so thrown by this Aqua moon… Read more »


I hear Aqua moons are supposed to give one a break from all these *gagging sound* emotions. What happened?? Why did my second-favourite Moon (the #1 favourite being in Cap), my OWN Moon, hit me with a dollop of hard-to-deal-with and impossible-to-postpone emotional emergencies like it was some kind of cancer (malevolent pun intended)? I’ve been crying non stop the whole day instead of working, for diverse and embarrassing reasons (none of them include hormones right now). Duped & betrayed.


This serves to remind me that my bf has Aquarius Moon. How can I forget?! …. as I’m someone with Aqua Sun (which is being exact conjunct right now by today’s Moon in Aqua at 10 degrees). He also has Uranus in Aquarius, so I do see him as a person of the future, beside the fact that he is just young to begin with. He also seems like an old soul.. Anyway, I’ll enjoy the uplift of moon in my sign today, as this Virgo stellium is pinging my 4th house like crazy and transiting my Uranus/Pluto in Virgo… Read more »


been spending the morning troubleshooting (and fixing) a bunch of networking things on my home stuff in prep for setting up a thing for work that the team needs, whilst also listening to keynote talks from the company execs and trying (and failing) to make myself eat something, anything, other than cereal. so yeah all of this


This is spot on 💙


I think the aquarius moon is one of my favorites


I love Aqua Moon for its clarity (also crazy) inducing energy. I always know when it crosses my Aqua IC/MC-Moon axis. The price i pay is insomnia for 2-3 nights, but i get s*hit done in my psyche. ([email protected]ºAqua)

Aqua Moon people are far-out too.


Oh god, the Aqua moon insomnia!! Yes!! And being just so high-strung you’re basically a violin?



Sweet Sanity

My 6 year old has Aqua moon, her imaginary friend of the last 2 years is ET. He rides on the roof of that car when we go places.

Wish Upon a Star

Too cute !


That is adorable! I was always envious of kids who revealed they had an imaginary friend. How?! Why?! It was so exciting! I obviously never had one. One of my favourite films growing up was Drop Dead Fred.


Does this apply to peeps with Uranus conjunct their moon natally?


Aqua sun, moon, and Merc. Can relate!


Big time

Wish Upon a Star

Although I’m not a natal Aquarius moon I always feel good when the moon is in Aquarius.

I have so much headspace.

And today I was tuning out to incompatible frequencies.

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