The zodiac sign that the Moon was in at your birth is as relevant and influential as your Sun Sign, which gets all the attention. But who talks about your Moon Sign?

It represents our inner realm, reflecting primal emotional patterns and how we nurture ourselves and others. The Sun is who we strive to be, the Moon is who we already are. It’s a memory garden, where we like to maintain a consistent rhythm.

Read all about your Moon sign and its influence here.

Tattoo Body Art Dragons Big Muscles

When It’s A Capricorn Moon On A Monday Morning

When it’s a Capricorn Moon on a Monday morning, you hurtle into the week with a reinvigorated agenda. You’re all about strength, dignity, scruples and work ethic.  It is so not a frivolous Moon – it’s more of a tearing away all the frou-frou to reveal the bare bones beneath. Productivity rules & only the most worthy of contenders should dare even wink at you. The Capricorn Moon is the …

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Lisa Congdon Owl Art

Mega-Dark Mooned

As I have said, this ain’t no ordinary Dark Moon…It is the Dark of the Moon before a New Moon that is a Solar Eclipse & a strong one at that. Because it’s a Cancerian New Moon, think also of Goddess Energy & witchy style insights. It’s near to the old Pagan festival of Minerva & Sulis – goddesses of wisdom & healing, womanly strength et al. Flash nostalgia that …

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Ellen Von Unwerth Birds

Things To Do When The Moon Is In Scorpio

What to do when the Moon is in Scorpio? Why not use it as an excuse to turn totally Plutonic? Here are some suggestions. Be more open to the supernatural – consider a paranormal romance or make decisions based off omens. Concoct an insanely singular scent from hand-crushed narcissus, cypress, and vanilla essence. If you want to go, old-school Scorpio courtesan, add in some of your personal body fragrance. Adopt …

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Old Fashioned Rose

The Moon Means One Thing:

The Moon means One thing…at least this Moon does – it is in Libra, waxing to be Full (an Eclipse on july 7) and making a mysterious aspect to Venus – the Love Goddess – in Taurus, the sign she rules along with Libra…Flowers for you, flowers for your loved one, flowers for a friend rewarded and random flowers to another who would least expect them bring manifest Venusian Blessings…Venusian …

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Timeless Virgoan Lifestyle Tips

Want genius Moon in Virgo advice? Now is the time. It’s the Moon of timeless tips for better living. People always want to preach their best genius and life hacks this time of the month. For the edification of all of us, please post your Timeless Virgoan Lifestyle Tips; they must be one sentence long & more or less practical/detailed. But they can be about anything. eg; * Red is …

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Mysterious Dark Moon Weirding

Usually, the very last day of the Dark Moon can be a bit of a drag – I so totally pity peeps who do not follow astro and try to actually DO BIG THINGS on that day. Awful – strange, low-ebb and yet bitched up socializing, dreary frump-like feelings and low qi. Hence the usual plan of the astro-aware to get a massage, take salt baths, rest & throw shit …

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