The zodiac sign that the Moon was in at your birth is as relevant and influential as your Sun Sign, which gets all the attention. But who talks about your Moon Sign?

It represents our inner realm, reflecting primal emotional patterns and how we nurture ourselves and others. The Sun is who we strive to be, the Moon is who we already are. It’s a memory garden, where we like to maintain a consistent rhythm.

Read all about your Moon sign and its influence here.

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Full Moon Alert

Oh and I’ve had several minor chances to go berko today. Tres Full Moon. I got a snippy little pass-agg merde missive from someone VERY New Age. And I totally wanted to let rip with a fast response merde-missive back. Sort of super-sarky showing just whom can be good at toxic-saccharine dripping pass-agg if need be. But then i ran the idea through my now-installed Saturn Girl filter and realised …

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Happy Birthday Brigitte Bardot

Today is BB’s birthday & she really is a classic free-loving multiple conjunct Libran — Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. Saggo Rising, a tight Venus-Neptune conjunction and Moon in Gemini on the cusp of her House of Love. This is from the Guardian “…Simone De Beauvoir wrote: “When Marlene Dietrich exhibited her silk-wrapped thighs while singing in her husky voice, she was casting a spell . . . Brigitte Bardot doesn’t …

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Venus Signs And Their Heartbreak Cures

Venus signs deal with romantic challenges and heartbreak in different styles. Venus in Aries is a ‘get back on the horse’ person. Others are more subtle. I think that with heartbreak, just like childbirth, that you forget the pain. True, False or Way, WAY too complicated for such a trite simplification? And, I mean the heartbreak of a romance ending or even just thwarted lust, not heartbreak resulting from atrocity …

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The Libran Moon Before The Storm…

You know the Libran Moon drill – diplomacy. See no, hear no, speak no E. And it’s worth doing the groundwork toward a more peaceful existence now, as once the Moon gets into Scorpio it kicks off the Mars-Pluto opposition now-building but exact later in the week. Full lecture re this in the Daily Mystic but essentially, keep thy temper, don’t go picking fights unless you’re totally armed & ready …

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Astro-Alert: Flash Nostalgia

The Mars-Uranus bingle should go a long way toward off-setting the Cancerian Dark Moonie tendency toward Flash-Nostalgia – we’ll all be too wired to go yearning over yester-century but here it is anyway; the combo of today’s Moonwane in the sign of kataka and the fantasia kick from Neptune could cause the most intense & potentially NAFF nostalgia.  Just don’t go letting it affect your actual forward planning. Just don’t …

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Surreal Art Laneways

Dark Moon in Gemini

It’s the Dark Moon in Gemini & so a degree of ambiguity or ennui is totally normal. Ditto naff cravings – always a worry with the waning Moon. The Moon is also trine the North Node in Aquarius just as it slides out of Aqua and into Capricorn – tres profound awareness for some; the meanings of past patterns & themes…Future trends. Be sweet to Geminis this weekend, they’re not …

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