The zodiac sign that the Moon was in at your birth is as relevant and influential as your Sun Sign, which gets all the attention. But who talks about your Moon Sign?

It represents our inner realm, reflecting primal emotional patterns and how we nurture ourselves and others. The Sun is who we strive to be, the Moon is who we already are. It’s a memory garden, where we like to maintain a consistent rhythm.

Read all about your Moon sign and its influence here.

Zodiac Perfume Bottle Libra

La Luna in La Libra

Niki de Saint Phalle The Moon is in Libra, nearing Saturn and squaring Pluto…So it’s Libra with a Saturnine edge – scented aplomb (aplomb actually means balanced) & restraint – and Plutonic undercurrents; endings, beginnings, alchemy, clandestine lusts…Don’t let on or out until the New Moon in Sagittarius/Mars-Venus exact trine next week. Smell GORGEOUS. Manners matter. Your secret diary is a sight to behold. And hands up whose dreams are …

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art - girl in forest at night with birds and moon

Way Dark Mooned Up

Just a few more hours to go until the New Phoenix Moon (New Moon in Scorpio) & so keep grokking the spooky yet awesome insights…And that primal throbbing is Venus in Scorpio moving to square Mars in Leo.  Of which more tomorrow…Try-try-try to rest in what remains of the Dark Moon…The Venus-Mars thing is hot. Image: Isabelle Bryer

little girl and phoenix

How We Are All Phoenixing…

How are we all Phoenixing in the wake of that Mars-Squared Full Moon???  It was bang-on my IC (cusp of the home sector) & squared by Mars fuqing around in my 6th so I hit the roof at my now-ex-Feng-Shui Master for various good reasons & went out to get a new one. A Gemini! This, for me, is major and SUCH a good damned fit with the Astro…What I …

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Taurus Full Moon. Full Moon captured between the horns of a Bull

The Taurus Full Moon Need Not Be Turgid

A Taurus Full Moon like this can be turgid, a force majeure of power-tripping and control-dramas. Thing lust, possessiveness, and people’s stuff all feature.  The classic Moon in Taurus is tranquility central, a lunar Zen Zone. It is for tree-hugging and reconnecting with your body. They’re sensual and grounded. But a Full Moon is always an opposition to the Sun; they accentuate polarities and reveal information we would usually be …

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Dark Moon in Virgo

The Dark Moon In Virgo Healing Genius

The Dark Moon in Virgo (that is, a Moon in Virgo right before a New Moon) is particularly suitable for editing and curating vitamins, herbs + remedies. As you know, any Dark Moon is melancholic and reflective – you are supposed to rest up in prep for the next phase. It’s the dying days of an old cycle. You rejuvenate, sort, finish off tasks and unclutter. It is mainly the …

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Fashion outdoors shoot redhead

And…Crabby Ennui

  WAITING FOR THE MOON (AND MARS!) TO BE IN LEO ALREADY!!!!! Okay so i AM back & have about a billion things i want to blog about BUT due to that STRANGE night last night, utterly stricken with ennui – two hours sleep max, I reckon. Ridiculous.  Interesting that heaps of you are reporting similar scenarios. The Moon WAS conjunct Mars and I think Mars has had a gutsful …

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