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Super-relevant Astrology & Contemporary Horoscopes

Join the many happy Mega Mystic members, who are enjoying Mystic’s unique, modern and empowering take on the ancient art of astrology. If you want esoteric content that enhances your life without insulting your intelligence, you’ve come to the right place.

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Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Horoscopes:
The MM Horoscopes are less ‘beige’ predictions and more a high-vibe take on your life, as filtered through your Sun and/or Rising signs. They assume you’re in charge and are not interested in out-sourcing their life to some guru or blaming a planet.

The Horoscopes dish out timely advice on when to engage anti-Qi-Vampire action or fend off Love Zombie urges. They’re a success aid and a tonic, relied on by people from Silicon Valley mavericks to Byron Bay aspirant beach bums.

Broadly, the archetypal Mega Mystic member is a creative, self-actualizing magical thinker who loves knowledge but is not precious about it.

On-Demand Instant Tarot:
Seances are dodgy – you never know who you might meet on the astral planes so why ask? And who wants to waste money on psychics who tell you were Nefertiti, Napoleon or the Chief Pleiadian and that’s why you can’t get laid/paid or lose weight this lifetime? Or trek out to see some rancid suburban shaman to get your aura cleansed in a rancid basement and be lectured about your sexual karma? Yes, #themtoo.

Clean your own aura in the shower with some salt and access one of Mystic’s two instant Tarots anytime.

The Oracle:
Strictly for entertainment and featuring tacky questions such as “Is X Thinking Of Me Right Now?” the Oracle has morphed into a much-loved Mega Mystic member feature.

It’s supposedly random but the answers are eerily accurate. It’s actually powered by synchronicity and the 5th Element that N.A.S.A calls “dark matter” but was known to the Ancient Greeks as Quintessence.

The Daily Mystic Email:
Sent Monday to Friday, the Daily Mystic is an all-signs, Mega-Mystic members-only data download that gives you the essential intelligence on the day.

Maybe you don’t have time to peruse your Horoscope or check the Moon Calendar, but you sure as hell would like to be informed that – say – Scorpios are going to be feral but that it’s a brilliant day to claw back some money owed to you.

It’s pithy, to the point and highly useful for busy people.

The Moon Calendar:
There is nothing so cool as this Moon Calendar: you can set it to any timezone and see the Void Moons, Full Moons, New Moons, Planetary Ingresses (a fancy word for the entrance of a planet into a sign) and Venus + Mercury Retrograde dates.

Even better, the Moon Calendar features good/bad days for making love, making money, starting disputes and pulling off moves that require an element of luck.

And, it includes the most potent days/times for healing and developing your psychic powers. If you’re into House Witchery (and who isn’t, now that Uranus is in Taurus?), it features the best decluttering days.

Membership Perks:
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Join the Mega Mystic members for instant access to a robust but supportive commenting community, ad-free everything (we will never share your details or data).

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