How Do I Remove A Voodoo Thanksgiving Curse?

Clearing Negative Energy is particularly tricky after a Voodoo Thanksgiving but it can be done!

Dear Mystic, 

I am hesitant to ask this of you but how do you remove what might be a curse? 

To cut a very long story short, I went to the house of a relative for Thanksgiving and ended up in a terrible drunken argument about politics and conspiracy theories. This person – a very dark emanating Sagittarius –  has never liked me and styles himself as a sort of “voodoo master” warlock character. He is what you would call “douche-core” but harmless so long as we are on different sides of the planet.

For the first 30 minutes of seeing him, we got along really well and actually bonded on how unique we were compared to the rest of the people there. THEN, several drinks and some dream weed later, it all went to shit and he cursed me. To my face. I do not want to repeat it and give it additional power but I felt shocked. Now I understand that I should just shake this off but I fear it worked.

Ever since then I have had terrible focus, I feel scattered and like I just want to run away or somehow knock myself out.  I keep running through all of my failures and fears on a loop. I know he is a douche and I don’t want to be affected by him but I am. Do you have any advice for me and is this something that might feel better after the Full Moon? 

Love and Appreciation,

Fearful Gemini

Dear Fearful Gemini,

Before we get into anything magical about this wanker, it is absolutely natural and normal to be disturbed by such appalling conduct. And I am sure I speak for everyone on here when I say, please take practical steps to ensure this person is nowhere in your contacts, life, a sphere of social life, whatever.  If there is one more attempted reach-out from this person, notify the police.

Secondly, his styling is inept – a “warlock” is not a male witch. A warlock is a term for a sort of shadow agent, a person whom in the inquisition and the burning times would pretend to be interested in paganism so as to infiltrate witch circles and inform on them to the Vatican/arsehole council of the day and so on.

Thirdly, if this person had any occult gravitas what-so-ever he would understand that curses and ill intent bounces back (three-fold, they say) on the person making them. That’s why if you are doing rituals and so on, you try to focus on your self and the higher good.

Fourthly, voodoo can be like the occult version of Air Tasker in that you’re kind of putting up “a job” and asking any entity hanging around to bid for it. Dabbling in it is more likely to cause him issues than you. However, let’s just say that Cousin Douche Core did manage to assign some low-level entity-bogan the job of scattering your energy and lowering your vibe.  You clear that shit at warp speed and send it scurrying back to Cousin Douche Core.

How?  First, stay off all alcohol and Dreamweed – this is not a moral judgment but they can make you etherically vulnerable. Next, smudge with Mugwort if possible, bang some Tibetan bells around, put a line of salt across the threshold, mist the air with something no-nonsense and bracing – ti-tree/lemon sort of thing – and then take an Alchemy Bath – half baking powder, half magnesium sulphate and heaps of each. Zero fragrance or any other substance and do this when you can leap straight into a freshly made bed afterward.

Remove any items or depictions of this person from your environment and everytime the fear floats up that he could have somehow affected you, visualize it being sent back in a big, efficient envelope with ‘return to sender’ stamped on it in the old fashioned style.

Weirdly, I just had a vibe that your particular issue would respond well to something Grind-Core and a rattle – like an Ancient Egyptian style sistrum. You have what it takes to shake this off like a summer bug flying too close.

You could also invoke Mercury – sanguine, not phased by anything, a mediatrix between worlds and different dimensions. But take note: the cleansing might make you feel temporarily unwell, as you shift this sorry-arse energy from your realm.

What does everyone else think?

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I agree with taking a scorching hot bath with salts and lavender oils. Light your favorite candle, and maybe even do a burning ritual (writing on a piece of a paper that this curse has nothing to do with you, etc. – then crumple the paper as small as you can with all your energy – and burn it (safely of course)). Agree with salt ring around the home as well. And black tourmaline crystals, with rose quartz too, and be sure to charge them during a full moon. etc, etc. you’re good


Hi everyone, My understanding is: that some people send negative energy even intentionally and that in itself if you are sensitive is shit. It always sucks to feel negative energy around me. Then: when it comes from relatives, specially someone we trust and then proves untrustworthy it makes you more vulnerable energetically and need to forgive and release this person behaviour first. When you are strong in your heart and mind noone can hurt you energetically, becouse your spirotual defenses are High. On thecontrary when we arenafraid of someone is when they haver energetically power over you.. And it is… Read more »

Eclipse Tripper

That is awful! I am going through something similar and can empathise with the way its affecting you 100%. Am also really grateful for your query and the replies too! Its taken me nearly a year to figure out (own/acknowledge/trust my gut) that this was not my problem and I was/am being messed with on another level…I’ll be trying anything above I haven’t already tried that resonates with me. I realised today that this dark energy is just energy/vibration and its trying to drag you down to its vibration, that makes it stronger and less small and lonely/dissonant – whatever,… Read more »


That bit about running through your failures on a loop got me. I’ve been doing that this week too, but I’m pretty sure it’s because good old Saturn and Merc were conjunct and bang on my Ascendant. Maybe they were conjunct on a sensitive point for you too and that’s why that happened for you – and maybe given you were at a bit of a low ebb it had a greater effect than it might otherwise, maybe you couldn’t shake it off as easily. Best of luck with sending cousin douche bag to the warlocky dog house where he… Read more »


I think the more you believe it the more power it has over you. Do you really think what this person did was real? I don’t think it was a real curse – yes purify with salt and sage and white light but do that for you … don’t acknowledge this person has any power or any power over you. Blessings


1. Call on Spirit of All + Cleanse self with smoke of preference; white light, pink light, purple light, prayer etc + Cleanse your space doing the same: sweeping your home with various saturations of colour vibration, white, pink, purple. Important: FEEL or generate compassion in your heart, spread that FEELING. 2. Call on the curse to make itself known to you, you may picture it as a little gargoyle, beastie, shadow etc. don’t be flustered by that. 3. Ask it to show you who sent it (double check source of curse). 4. Tell it thank you for coming, but… Read more »


I love this


Fab – I hope I never need it but certainly have in the past!!

Fire and Ice

Shatter an old plate to disperse the energy, and sweep it up putting it all in the bin. There is no need to fear or heal darkness. Darkness just is. Just like the light is. Allow it to be. Just say thank you but no thank you. When you begin to cultivate indifference to it, it moves on looking for a more fertile feeding ground. It is not that powerful. We have just been taught it is. It is just an alternative


I didn’t know that about Warlocks! Thanks Mystic. I have learned SO many things from you.


I totally agree to sage / bathe etc, also avoid ye neptunian substances – sometimes they make you betray yourself. But also i think the biggest deflector of all is kindness – that way his negativity can’t take root and has nothing to “work with” so to speak – shadow attaches to shadow. it’s a hard one though


“Fourthly, voodoo is like the occult version of Air Tasker in that you’re kind of putting up “a job” and asking any entity hanging around to bid for it. Dabbling in it is more likely to cause him issues than you.”

Yeah, this is describing voodoo with the same old white fear-based stereotypes that has disparaged a practice of West Africans and the African Diaspora since the slave ship.


Take care of yourself, follow all of the great advice above. Know full well it’s gonna bounce back to him 3 folds. I had a self proclaimed voodoo witch put multiple spells on me. Each time she’s contact me to announce it. It all bounced back on her. She’s alone, no one in her life except unrequited love with a pedophile/rapist, almost homeless and unemployed. I’d feel bad for her but you don’t meddle in the Dark Arts of toxic negativity and hatred and except to live a happy life. meanwhile best revenge is happiness. Embrace yours let him dwell… Read more »


I would do all that! I would also ask each morning for God/your spirit guides/angels/pixies or whatever you believe in to *Cover you in light and love, *guide you and protect you throughout the day, *give you strength and focus to do the things you need to do. If you feel yourself drifting or getting lost during the day, ask for help. At the end of the day *thank them for their help, *tell them you love and appreciate them, *ask them to cover you with light and love and *guard and protect you while you sleep and dream. Do… Read more »


*sighs* This is why we avoid alcohol and other substances when there’s a Neptune Station permeating the air – Neptune went stationary Direct Wed and Thanksgiving was Thursday. You’re opposing signs (Gem/Sadge) and your ruler Mercury is about to station Rx in political Sagittarius (the sign of its Detriment) next to malefic Saturn – this just had dis-aster written all over it. Curses do exist, but the more you believe it the more it lends the thing juice so the very first thing to do is try to chill and reclaim your own power. Most likely, this fuqwit does not… Read more »

Super-respect to you always Mystic – but just a side note that’s probably unrelated to the douchey warlock:

Voodoo / Voudoun / the African Diasporic Traditions are intensive and often beautiful paths in their own right and I think differ quite a bit in seriousness and wonder from the characterization given above


Agreed and thank you for posting. My gf is a Mambo and has plenty to say about this:


Check out a girl called Benebell Wen on youtube, she is a hip young chinese american daoist lawyer witch tarot reader who makes really cool and uber practical vids on all aspects of woo woo rooted in her Taiwanese heritage. One in particular gives an in depth discussion of, and handy hints on dealing with, just this sort of scenario.




Thank you!


As i first read this i felt quite ick, so after some thought i found the piece in your letter very clearly shying away from naming the words again. I like all the ideas above, but personally find i can focus on the negative energy too strongly, and maybe draw it in more by doing that. That part’s ok at first as you can get tease out where it’s making you resonate. Afterwards, bring all the focus back onto you! Your guards, your truth, your best self. The best ritual will have you banging away with tibetan bells n lordly… Read more »


ooh theres gonna be a royal wedding next yr!,,
great timing harry!


LOL!! the media must be beside themselves with excitement!! $$$ . I can just imagine the celebrations when the announcement was made. LOL

He’s Virgo. Saturn in Cap / Uranus in Toro, Pluto trine… etc. Good astro I think


He managed to attach a negative entity to you. Light a black candle and send it back into the abyss.


Douche core? Omg you win.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Bathe in natural moving water (sea, river, stream) and let the nature gods take care of it.

Guy is a douche, and if you ask me he probably has not a CLUE what he’s dabbling in lol.


Palo santo and find a powerful energetic healer. Anyone worth their salt will sense any energetic ties and remove them. Best of luck!!!


Go get some acupuncture. Set your energies straight again as anyone behaving like this toward you is bound to throw off your fields. That’s natural. So he literally has no power in this, it could have been any disturbing or upsetting scenario. Acupuncture will bring you back to centre and flow.


Your description immediately made me think of Kenny Craig.


Without getting into uncrossing a jinx (because it seems to take an annoyingly long time for something that should be relatively straight forward) you have two other traditional options that don’t require chicken killing or douche lordery. You can do a reversing with a candle, you can buy purpose made two coloured candles, but really you can just colour in the end of one with a marker or just use a plain one. It’s the intent. Look it up, but basically you write their name or carve it on the candle in mirror writing (backwards), turn it upside down and… Read more »


In the south, they would say that if someone laying a trick (curse) on you, is a family member or fancies them self a magic practitioner and are at large in the community, the odds are good they won’t stop, and will keep layin’ tricks on you every time you uncross yourself. So if you make a mirror box to trap them, then every time they try to jinx, trick or cross someone it will bounce straight back on them.


Another good way to keep them from giving you further trouble (after you’ve done a reversing spell) is to put them in the freezer. This is super simple, just google “freezer spell”. Then follow up with spiritual cleansing (hyssop is good for this) and protection. There’s lots of spells out there but Lucky Mojo provides a lot of good quality free information. Also, it’s good to draw power from your own spiritual family, so to speak, as they will have your back.


I personally (explained at the end in another post) wouldnt freeze anyone.. I was very tempted to do so with a very anoying girl who used to do some negative energy thing on me.. but then I thought better to send it all back and thats it..


Reversing candles do work a treat.

However I’d recommend doing whatever is part of your path – if smudging is your thing best to do that for example.


I find that changing the frequency around your body can help too. Up your self care program to include some serious skin brushing or salt/coffee body scrub exfoliation. As MM suggested to focus on the love vibe frequency you could wear rose quartz and visualise love eminating from your heart chakra and back to the sender. Tea tree is a good astringent essential oil and affordable too. I would encourage grounding activities and reconnecting to the Earth element. Sandlewood oil is also good for protection, grounding and has astringent properties. If you are really fearful a gemstone of Tiger Iron… Read more »


Sage, definitely. Palo Santo, too. Yes, to the banging of pots / pans / chimes. Some black tourmaline and selenite crystals can also be helpful.

You might also take a bath with some herbs that make you feel good (mugwort, lavender and basil do it for me), and possibly get a reiki session with a healer for some extra support in clearing any negativity that belongs to someone else.


Step one: laugh. This guy is a dip-sh*t extraordinaire. He couldn’t curse himself out of a wet paper bag. But does suck that he turned his vitriol on you. 🙁 i had some asshat “curse” me years ago…2010 era. That guy was supposed to have been my friend but paid some “voodoo practitioner” in NOLA to make sure i would never find love with anyone else except him. The plan obvs backfired as you can’t balk fate and some peeps just got more mojo than others. The universe made sure to punish him after i extinguished the last link/”gift” from… Read more »


Plus Saturn is not quite out of Saggo yet. He’s taking chances if u ask me….


Yes to Mystic’s and Laura’s advice and I would also ask your guides/ancestors/angels for protection, and invoke your own impenetrable white light aura. Just imagine yourself surrounded by white light and love, and visualise negative energy bouncing off it. You could also express your anger/disappointment/pity to your douche cousin in a letter, wish him all the best and burn it. Then block, delete, do not engage. What a dickhead


She needs a Mercury Key Ring, stat. Yes, Mystic is right, you can totally shake this off because magic of the higher self (which is Love) is stronger than his low-level “Ima curse you, beotch” “Look at me, I’m a warlock, oooh” bullshit. He sounds like an insecure poser who likes to bully other people to feel better about himself. His magic is weak and will definitely come back to him. Be the mirror, not the sponge. The Alchemy Bath works wonders, btw.

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