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Virgo Weekly From July 23 2022


Asteroid Pan plus Mercury in your subliminal insights sector combine to inspire a more instinctive You: A strategy that blends analytical Virgo Vision with receptivity to your inner voice would be highly effective. You may become aware of skeevy conduct, stealthy preparation for changes you’re excluded from or that you’re covering for Vibe Vampires. Pivot to a zero-trust for unproven people stance.

Virgo Weekly From July 16 2022


The intellectual grit of Mars in your solar 9th house augments your scholarly side and sets the scene for ingenious moves in six weeks time. You can also look forward to an explanation for mystifying conduct from a friend, partner or love interest and – related? – clarity re the future of a particular relationship. Reminder: Being cast as police-person to someone else’s hapless hottie role is a distinct Virgo liability.

Virgo Weekly From July 9 2022


Virgos have whims – they’re just good at packaging them in pretty logic. Romance has been one of your most favored areas for spontaneous experiments of late but that era is evolving into a more sedate scene. This week’s astro-weirding summons a poignant message from your past love life and a chance to clarify a whimsical attraction or relationship scenario. If there is an element of deceit, you’ll know.

Virgo Weekly From July 2 2022


If you’re micro-tweaking dreary details or spreadsheeting your slump, stop. This week’s Mercury-Mars sextile (most potent from Mon to Thurs) elevates your game and most probably through a brilliant bit of news or a distinct offer. It also favors bold, tangential moves that will naturally need the sort of brio you can’t get from late-night guilting sessions. Repurpose Virgo Vision to researching coup management.

Monthly Horoscopes For June 2022

While the first week of this month may tempt you into a maelstrom of repeat-play relationship dramas or an infuriating admin/work irk that feels like deja-vu, it’s kind of like a test.

The idea is to spot the pattern as it’s (re) forming and resist the all-too-familiar inclinations. Detach and assess.

Yes, this is a Mercury Retro phenom but with Saturn a factor for the first week of June, it goes beyond the usual ‘back up your data’ scenario. You’re getting into a new neural groove and the rad results will be apparent from as early as mid-June.

Meanwhile, sorceress Circe is in Virgo for the month, enhancing your proficiency with potions, beauty and psyche enhancing rituals and/or seduction.

Such gifts are best revealed or ramped up in June’s second half, with Mercury Direct and certain mundane matters resolved. June 27 to 30 is a particularly potent, abundance-amplifying Venus-Jupiter sextile.

Mars spends the entire month in your solar 8th sector, a classic astral formula for financial whizzery and sensual audacity. Do not, however, engage in risky debt ventures.

Monthly Horoscopes For July 2022

Super-advance warning because you’re Virgo: Mercury will be Retrograde in Virgo from September 10 until October 2. This will not be an optimal phase for impulse purchases, signing contracts, or negotiating complex deals. It will, however, be fantastic for a silence retreat and intensive editing or research.

Flipping back to July, Mars in your higher mind sector from the 4th backs education, growth, academia and wisdom from semi-obsessive deep dive focus.

It’s the prerequisite for an unusually long Mars stimulus of your career realm: Late August 2022 – March 2023. Possibility: an invitation which would expand your sphere beyond belief but also requires reworking a pet hypothesis.

Take the long way around any nebulous or ill-defined areas, especially from July 13 to 15. This post- Full-Moon phase brings out the variety of vibe vampire or chaos addict who prefers to project their sludge onto you and reel off an infinite array of lies in return.

For a clearer view of love, art and commerce, wait until the spectacular Sun-Mercury and Neptune alignment of July 16-20.

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