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The Taurus outlook for 2022 lifts from day one of the year:  Saturn stops with the non-stop buzz-kill and you get to enjoy the free-styling exuberance of Uranus in Taurus again. This futuristic influence has graced your sign since 2018 but 2022 is the first year it’s operating at full-beam genius.

The Moon’s Ascending Node is also in Taurus for the entire year: it’s your own personal harmonic convergence. Multiple life narratives and fate-lines come together, particularly during the Taurus Eclipses of April and November. You meet – or re-encounter- core characters and, for the half-year that Mars is in your $$$ sector, hustle up some maverick money.

The horoscopes* aim to help you be across all this, maximizing the brilliant astro and pragmatically evading or buffering anything suboptimal.  They are for members only – there is no ‘free’ option as the site is advertisement-free. It doesn’t even have tracker cookies from social media or Google analytics.

Below are some samples of the Weekly Horoscopes and a recent Monthly Horoscope as an FYI.

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Taurus October Monthly Horoscopes

October is the third to last month of a nine-year long series of heavy-duty outer planet transits. After December, the first item on the new-era astral agenda will be the sugar-high disco delerium of Jupiter with Neptune in your social sector – nebulosity will never have been such fun.

Saturn turns Direct on the 11th, putting the Time God straight back on course for the finale of Saturn square Uranus in Taurus. Observe the indicators around then for a brilliant, actionable clue regarding September. Even if it were not for pandemic disruption, Saturn square Uranus for the whole year was always going to compel a Taurean rethink.

It’s felt like perpetual pressure from authorities, Saturnine tax grabs, Saturn neck (technically inexplicable stiffness) and – on the psychic level – as if the very ground beneath you had altered. You’ve come through the trickiest phases of this transit – Feb + June – and are on track for the December finale. If you’re not, October will help get you there. Mercury + Mars in your (solar) 6th house represent an innate surge toward better health and organization – the only thing in the way is your recurrent desire to abandon Fortress Taurus and wander the desert on magic mushrooms, talking to random magical bird spirits and etching profound hieroglyphics for future generations to monetize. Could this work?

Sort of. It – or a similar escapist concept – are informative and can be folded into the genuine dream that you’ll develop in 2022. A strange, intangible but clearly beneficial crush/sensual episode/paranormal phenom that pops up after the 7th is diversion enough for now.

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope Examples

Tuesday’s New Moon stimulates Uranus in Taurus, scaring away the mediocrities and inspiring people of interest to see you in a new light. It’s substantial astro-vibe, backed by your ruling planet Venus in league with lucky Jupiter. But it’s not merely a smoother week than usual: this is an opportunity to display your versatility. Yes, you. When there is a chance to establish something enduring, Taureans are mighty versatile.

Clear your mind and schedule ahead of Sunday’s fabulous Full Moon. In Aquarius and flanked by Guru Jupiter, as well as a phalanx of exoplanets, it inspires desirable developments and realizations. They’re from the future so seem a bit out there but explore them anyway. Solar Virgo season starts on Monday, adding more Earth magic into the melange and freeing you from a particularly irking pressure.

Attain a reputation of being incredibly warm, smart and supportive by letting everyone do whatever they want this week. Not, obviously, outside of your standards or those of the justice system, but otherwise, adopt laissez faire. The New Moon in Leo is already a frustrated thespian seeking a well-lit stage: Uranus squaring it is the perfect agent-provocateur. Giving freedom will generate epic returns.

Virgo Season is always supportive for Taureans. But this year it’s triggered a quest for tranquility that can evidently only be attained by you solving everything. No puzzle is safe from your dogged ingenuity. Once you get going on something, you don’t stop. This week’s Mars-Neptune opposition – thankfully transient – inspires investigations of scenarios best left veiled, vibe vampire in-laws or occult numerological lottery schemes.

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