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Scorps have had it all going on of late: ruckus in their house of love and relationship realpolitik that has affected all forms of partnership, money meta-physics, and chez Scorp or family challenges. 2022 is better but 2019-2021 have made you more formidable – it’s just difficult to see the entire picture at the moment.

Jupiter and Neptune in your simpatico Water element sign of Pisces bode brilliantly for creativity, fertility, romance, and fun – not a typo, fun! – and Venus in Capricorn for an unusually long time activates Uncle Pluto, your ruling planet. Cue karmic crushes and/or meaningful love developments.

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Scorpio October Monthly Horoscopes

Astrologically, your year has been dominated by the unrelenting pressure of the Saturn-Uranus square, most of which manifested in relationships, self-image, and baseline security. Revolutionary concepts and a hard-won, more contemporary consciousness bumped up against lovers, confidence limits, $$$ shortfalls, and, obviously, pandemic politics.

This fixed-square angle is on the way out – it’s done by January 1, 2022 – literally. However, the last weeks of this productive but poxy astro are when it turns on the turbo-boosters, aided by the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Scorpio. You’re compelled to confront your most persistent obstacles – within and without. It’s also Eclipse Season, in case you wanted some extra edge. Mid-November’s Mars-Uranus/Eclipse combo shakes loose not only cobwebs but relationship ghosts. It could be time for a vitamin or nutrition audit – this will require stamina. Or, a relationship exorcist.

It’s made easier by two fantastic factors, though: Extra-revved up strength and momentum from Mars – your ancient ruler pre-Pluto – and pheromonal Venusian vibe: the Love Goddess graces your communications sector from November 5 (right after the New Scorpio Moon) until March 6. Say hello to a sexier voice, near-genius ability to ‘read’ relationships or power-flirt, and the gradual deepening of a particular bond or attraction.

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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Examples

Uranus is about to turn Retrograde in your relationship sector, with input from Mercury + Mars. The retrograde in itself is nothing: Uranus is an Outer Planet, and they spend half the year Retro. What matters is that the week the planet changes motion is a definitive turning point, and in this case, it’s an overt one. The Mercury-Mars involvement suggests info or dialogue that clarifies/starts a new chapter.

Sunday to Tuesday sees Mercury and Jupiter turning Direct. It’s completely unsubtle and yet, if you can see through the garish trappings, super-informative. You can solve every mystery and outwit trolls – past and present. The only obstacle here is Mars challenging your ruler Pluto: could lust, vanity or a more-apt-for-last-decade tactic erode your otherwise formidable position? Yes. So up the cool logic.

This week features nonstop Uranus squares. They sound like a skeevy folk band or something you skipped out on in geometry but astrologically, they’re a melange of trouble and opportunity. Depending on your risk appetites, you can (1) Boycott all impulsivity and spontaneity or (2) Don your Chaos Magician cloak and instigate. Any assertion will be high-exposure, stimulating and possibly fun.

You’re rickety and cynical from pandemic politics and a 2021 that’s gone all-in on fixed sign planetary tensions. If you’re not in dispute with others, you’re conflicted – yes, it’s a party of one – or you’re in hot demand to referee other people’s battles. But you’re entering a three-week zone that augments the best bits of both your ruling planets. You’re about to make great gains so limber up and drop the nihilism.

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