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Eris-Persephone and Chiron – the Cosmic Detective – are both in Aries and thus totally onside for Sagittarians. If it does not seem like it right now, blame the relentless grind of 2021’s Fixed square: you’re Mutable Fire, momentum is everything.

2022 is another galaxy compared to 2021 – your ruling planet Jupiter forms a rare, fabulous conjunction with Shamanic Neptune, creating unusual opportunities around real estate, family and/or even a magical locale. House Witchery and domestic magic are about to become super-effective for you. Venus financially empowers you in practical and metaphysical ways while Mars in your relationship sector for seven months (not a typo) will rev that right up.

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Sagittarius October Monthly Horoscopes

November’s more dramatic elements in the political and personal landscape show only a quarter of their form on the surface; the rest is concealed. That is tricky for you. If it were merely a matter of ‘oppositions to Uranus spark restlessness,’ you’d be belting ahead, ready to blast straight through obstacles. Or to stage a series of dazzling stunt-gestures to break free – budget TBA, of course.

The Uranian frequency is humming along at the highest setting from the beginning of Nov until the Sun arrives in – yes – Sagittarius on Nov 21/22. You’ve been responding to Uranus in your health-work sector since early 2018 – you now know exactly how you want to structure your life + everyday regime. Vague desires have become more urgent, and you’ve come to recognize particular irritants as different versions of an older nemesis.

Saturn square Uranus all year echoes 1999, as well as the early 90s. You’ve painstakingly revamped your thought style, learned new skills, and sharpened your communication. And for someone who is now-centric, you’ve probably done a heap of retrospective analysis.

You’d think that would all be enough, but no: November is psyched – the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in still water Scorp represent subconscious you. The revolutionary cool moves you aspire to rely on this Godzilla-like eruption from the depths – you can’t access your full vim or the semi-magical ingenuity you need to attain your ambitions without greeting your monsters – insecurities or abandoned former selves.

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope Examples

Next year is astrologically better than 2021. For a start, it will feature your ruler Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces, exact in April but getting it on from early January. It’s like your most impressario-hustler self crossed with a wizard. It’s also big on real estate/dream home opportunities. The rapid adjustments demanded by this week’s drama-queenie Full Moon are barrier-busters. Think ‘space.’

Neptunian people – actors, grifters, trance-mediums, Pisceans, border-dwellers, fabulists, dreamweed gardeners – are your most robust allies this week. They may not even realize they’ve been co-opted into  Team Saggo: their help could be unintentional – info leaked at precisely the right time or their ability to channel an affirmation you needed. Enigmatic statements and general weirdness is worth deciphering.

Mars in Leo will be magnificent for you. It suits your assertion style – full gallop ahead across open ground, flag/hair/mane streaming in the wind – and will attract horizon-broadening help + inspo. But first you must nimbly pick your way through the last few days of Mercury Retrograde. Pushing for direct statements or an expedient solution to over-complexity would meet with massive resistance. Stay sanguine & it comes to you.

Lilith in your love sector for the next nine months evokes memories – or even lovers – from 2012. It’s also a counter-agent to complacency and relationship compromise. If you’ve put a whole series of temporary holds in place, to semi-maintain faltering friendships or romances until you’ve got the budget/escape routes of your dreams, Lilith implodes them. Apprehension of being “alone” is nothing to this renegade.

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