Pisces Horoscopes

Pisces is the most naturally tuned in and cosmic sign of the Zodiac: why do they even need Horoscopes? Easy: they use them as an extra aid to thrive through a turbulent era. The Horoscopes help to filter out all the noise so you can pick up on the signal. They’re good for timely alerts, quirky insights and inspo.

Neptune, the Piscean Muse Planet, has actually been in Pisces since 2011. That in itself is a once-a-lifetime scenario: hands up if you’re Pisces and the last decade coaxed (compelled?) you into recognizing your deep magic mojo? But the climax is 2022, when Jupiter – the other ‘ruler’ of Pisces – will be conjunct Neptune.

It’s fantastic for self-actualization, romance, money and metaphysics. There are other highlights coming up but Jupiter-Neptune is Everything. The Horoscopes on here are exclusive to Mega Mystic members and completely ad-free.

There are two types of Daily Horoscope (one done for your sign/rising sign and one calculated from your unique birth chart), Weekly Horoscopes and the Monthly Horoscopes. You can see examples of the Weekly + Monthly ones below.

Pisces October Monthly Horoscopes

The last time you had this much focus in your (solar) 8th house, it was 2015 and a dramatic Piscean Eclipse Season. This month you get the Sex/Money/Metaphysics/Power intensity without eclipse catharsis. But it is still a grind for your mutable nature. You’re most calm and inspired when you can flow around the place, taking your cues from random concepts or connections nobody else knows how to make. This year’s Saturn-Uranus square has made it difficult to get into your best operating mode but it’s a transient phenom, not permanent. On October 7, Venus moves into Saggo, resparking your confidence and making it less likely that you’ll make a dud Mercury Retro move.

You see, the problem with this astro is that Mars + Retro-Mercury and the Sun make a series of aspects to Jupiter + Pluto: amping your ambitions/the desire to live free AND your most primal apprehensions re money or security. If it got out of hand, it could drive some baffling money moves. The trick is to dive deep into the metaphysical dimension of your financial emotions, as well as confronting the accounting end of it sans Piscean martyrdom.

Reminder: On December 29, Jupiter rejoins Team Pisces, ahead of the brilliant-for-you Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in April 2022.

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Pisces Weekly Horoscope Examples

You emerge out of the Mercury in Gemini era like a Swamp Shaman after a particularly weird initiation rite. It was nine weeks of mutability sufficient to wobble even your compass. It’s done now and if you think about it, your gains in magic more than make for the disorganizational aspects. Now you’re about to be blessed by fabulous Sun/Mercury/Jupiter/Neptune synergies AKA good fortune and tranquility.

Wild God Pan in your (solar) house of love until September is good for gardening, coming to the aid of trees and/or birds in your locale, resurgent romance and goatish lusts. Any combination or ratio is fine, of course. Mars in Scorpio from Sunday improves morale but Friday’s Uranian New Moon is the standout event: anticipate a clear affirmation or negation of a fresh philosophy or direction you’re considering.

*Sun & Rising

Welcome back to relationships central: the Sun is about to grace your solar partnership sector for a month, supported by Mars, Uranus, and Pluto. This equates to tangible developments and extra resources for couples who function well in the earthly, material plane. Reinforce one another’s goals and voila more sex/money/food. Yes, this applies to solo Pisceans and robust biz partnerships as well.

*Sun & Rising

Venus in Libra trines Renegade Lilith, inspiring an emancipating chez Pisces aesthetic concept. A Pisces in spontaneous redecorative mode or moving furniture is on the verge of profound metamorphosis. It’s always an indicator. Additionally, a creative tangent feels fresh but it’s also evoking something from original-you. It’s core. Mercury + Mars conjunct make mendacity within relationships unsustainable.

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