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Discernment and detached, genius-level decision-making is a source of pride for Librans. Or rather, it should be but some people persist in erronously labelling your sign as ‘indecisive.’ You’re not: you’re genuinely objective and prefer not to blunt your intellect barging into determinations or choices without intel and time.

The irrationality and partisan hostility of recent times has been hell on the Libran temperament but thankfully, 2022 marks the end of nine years – yes, not a typo – of gnarly outer planet alignments. Pluto in Aquarius is about to raise the Air element component for several decades and that will be followed by Uranus in Air Gemini. Breezier times are coming.

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Libra October Monthly Horoscopes

There are Mercury Retrogrades of busted machinery with parts that need to be ordered in from a parallel dimension and cringe-worthy text messages. But this is not one of them. This is more like astrophysical aura-armor. Mercury in Libra for the longest time since 2015* is a saviour, retrograde or not.

In the most socially divisive era on record, the Magician God accentuates your innate airy detachment, diplomatic acumen and talent for tactically speed-parsing a situation. It’s also a schooling in human nature: your objectivity ensures rapid advancement through the “curriculum.”

Something (someone?) potentially  last seen floating around between September 19 and 23 zaps back in between Oct 2 – 5 and Oct 13 to 16. It’s an expansive  Mercury-Jupiter phenom – small-minded ideas or rationed affection need not apply. Let whatever this is play out over the month and anticipate fufillment in early November. Until then: Your nonchalance is Muse, Stimulus and Aphrodisiac.

If you need to exert managerial zeal or re-border a professional relationship, the Sun-Mars synergy of October 5 to 11 gives you a whole new arsenal of moves. Use this pro-Libra zap zone to get ahead of the Full Moon in Aries/Mars-Pluto tension of October 20 to 24. Under-schedule those days as much as possible and prepare auto-responses for any known vibe vampires.


*Mercury has been in your sign since August 30 and will be until November 5/6.

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Libra Weekly Horoscope Examples

People criticize your relationship interventions & social reconstruct jobs without acknowledging how brilliant you are at this sort of thing. Envy? Or do they hark back to an imaginary era when nothing was styled and everything was (shudder) spontaneous. The culture is changing and becoming more Libra- friendly. This weekend’s Full Moon is a trend-indicator for the alert, while July 28/29 shows future love.

As Love Goddess Venus and Witch Queen Hekate align with Pluto this week, you’re conflicted but it’s perceived as bohemian or quirky diffidence. It’s also possible that you’ve perfected cool exteriors and languid diplomacy to such an extent that you could have an existential crisis without anyone noticing. An attraction or new line of thought/creative direction picks up speed, hastening the time for decisions.

These unsubtle times are hard on the nuanced Libra psyche. You’re Japanese temple incense in a fug of fake fragrance. This weekend’s Venus-Jupiter alignment accentuates the scenario, playing out via your $$. Whatever the dilemma, don’t be duped into a drastic stunt or a confrontation you’re unprepared for. The Sun and Mars align from Wednesday’s New Moon until October 11, giving you a tactical advantage.

Mars opposite Pluto until the 9th is a stress factor if you don’t take charge of yourself and any situation that presents itself. Spiral up into command-mode and even the gnarliest dilemmas become rich opportunities. Or, if you don’t want to hear from the Pluto Propaganda Bureau, simply stay out of scraps you don’t have to be in. Avoid fanatical fixed positions on anything, whether coriander as pesto or taxpayer funded churches.

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