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Future Leo is more immersed in one-on-one relationships than the Leo of today. Yes, you have two mighty planets in your solar love sector over 2021 and beyond. One way or another, the late 2020 conjunction of Jupiter + Saturn reset your romance scene. But from early 2023, Pluto takes over: cue passion, fate-lines, and transformative relationships.

2022 sees the easiest astral scape in over nine years as Uranus reigns sans interference in your vocational sector, inspiring grand-scale ingenuity. A lengthy Mars Retrograde in your social sector conjures up people from your past and a much stronger tug toward people who can match your energy levels. Neptune in your Sex + Metaphysics sector keeps it surreal.

There’s more of course and it’s all detailed in the Mystic Medusa horoscopes. For Mega Mystic members only, they feature Daily, Weekly, Monthly + Personal Daily Scopes which are calculated off your individual birth chart. They’re not free and never will be because the website has no advertising, no ‘analytics’ trackers from search engines or social media, and no promoted content. Privacy is paramount.

You can see a few examples below, however.

Leo October Monthly Horoscopes

Mars in Libra is incredible for you, gilding your Leo charisma and inspiring the exact eloquence you need. No more hypothetical 3am “should have said” monologues. You’re witty in real time. But it’s conditional, the terms adjusted by Mercury in Libra Retrograde until October 19. It means that people’s promises could dematerialize – as if via a spell – shortly after they’ve made them.

If you feel like you’re lacking the grit to push something through or confirm details, do not guilt yourself. It’s not a good time to do it – you’re clearly attuned.

Once Mercury turns Direct on the 19th, you’re unfortunately straight into a Full Moon phase that only works for coups, extreme decluttering and audits. If you’re able to avoid being drawn into disputes or taking your existential crisis to a larger audience – great! Oct 20 to 24 inspires fantastic thinking and awareness – it is a turning point.

October’s last week is a blur of snazzy Scorp energy – good for chez Leo refinement or picking up on a potential new, better living arrangement for 2022 – and nebulous romance with Venus in Saggo square Neptune. If it’s not dysfunctional, luxuriate in it- things have been so linear, an indigo disco mist romance/crush thing could be therapeutic.

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Leo Weekly Horoscope Examples

This weekend’s Full Moon is more than just the standard Sun-Moon opposition. It’s the culmination of the Sun-Jupiter opposition building for over a week and it’s across your relationship axis. Whatever you’re doing or thinking in romance/business partnerships/significant friendships, it’s expansive. Don’t dabble or – worse – try to cage a part of your psyche/life away from the rest of it. It’s drama but you’re directing.

Asteroid Circe is about to grace Leo for nearly three months but it’s not necessarily an era that favors sensual theatrics, dazzling sensuality, or any ambitions to live on a glamorous private island with leopards. But perfume-creation, beauty careers, music, medicine, connecting with animals, and being randomly spell-binding with people you don’t even have to charm…they’re all Circe themes. Heliotropic Leo is back.

The Leo motto is “I Rule” – not “I haggle over microscopic details” or “I aspire to be a D-List Machiavelli.” Yet this week’s high-strung, hot-zoned Mars-Uranus config could draw you into just such a suboptimal deployment of your powers. If you can postpone negotiating or dealing with known energy vampires until after July 6, do. If not, consult a Capricorn or Taurus for hints on being tactiturn and imposing.

Reports of U.F.O.s and other inexplicable phenoms are up, way up. But it’s just the the bling in your aura bouncing off your libido and interacting with sunrays. Someone alert the pheromone police – Venus and Mars are conjunct in Leo. This astral aphrodisiac doubles as a creative-block pulverizer. While it’s most prevalent from July 12 to 15, you’ll benefit from the extra glow and pulling-power for the entire week.

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