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Who says you can’t tell Geminis something they don’t know already? The Horoscopes on here routinely wow even the glibbest, most mercurial know-all Geminis with their sharp insights and timely alerts. Geminis have had a rough trot over 2021’s next-level fixed-sign pressure but they’re about to emerge into a more fluid era.

A rare Jupiter-Neptune phenom in early 2022 is – when played correctly – a superb success indicator. It’s so good you could probably run it from bed and do well but as it can also glide into excess/craziness, why not attune to it? 2002 is also remarkable as it will see the longest stay of Mars in Gemini in 79 years. Mars is in Gemini for seven months non-stop from August. And, of course, Pluto in Aquarius is coming, along with Uranus in Gemini.

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You can see a few examples below, however.

Gemini October Monthly Horoscopes

November and December are not only the last months of this year’s ongoing Saturn-Uranus square – yes, it’s been trolling you since January – but of a nine-year super-fraught phase. So if your ennui is approaching crisis levels or you fear that your ability to out-weird the world is waning, try to relax.

The month begins with a particularly satisfying Dark Moon. After weeks of Mercury Retro in your solar creative sector, you emerge with unprecedented inspo and clarity – perhaps even a specific lightning bolt of an idea. Revere it along with your ingenuity flow/optimal mood – even if it means you have to err on the side of big-ego-tripping.

November emphasizes the Fixed signs of the Zodiac – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius – and they’re at odds with one another. It’s not your most optimal atmosphere. Raise your mutability, breezy Air sign detachment, cognitive agility, and thought speed to stay ahead of this. Don’t get caught in a guilt-off or try to beat someone in an area that is their core competency, not yours.

The New Moon on Nov 4/5 and the Lunar Eclipse on Nov 18/19 are both Uranian – your quick take on developing scenes takes care of the adaptability, but as Uranus is in your solar 12th house, any stress would be subliminal. Nourish your psyche and nervous system so that you’re tapping unprecedented intuitive genius – not brittle assumptions or autocue responses because you’re wired.

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope Examples

If you’re in an Extend & Pretend pattern at work, it’s only effective until the Full Moon on Sept 20. It won’t seem like it, because the fixed-sign square of Saturn + Uranus is oppressive, but you’re in the run-up to an epic 2022. Jupiter and Neptune connect from Jan to May, a once every few centuries alignment that radically enhances Gemini vocational vibe. It suits big dreams and visionary speculators, not cynics.

Retro-Mercury aligns with Mars this weekend, inspiring a brilliant re-think of a project or aspiration. You ideally low-key develop it over the rest of the month and action/launch it anytime from November 5. October 11 to 24 features a rare synergy between Lilith and Chiron: it represents an affinity or alliance between renegades, one that creates more space/freedom for both. So you and who else?

You’re exquisitely attuned to the Mercury Retrograde – Sept 27 until Oct 16. While others boggle at the flippy media and intel flow, you’re relaxed, perhaps observing with popcorn to hand. Your ideal stance would be financial minimalism/big-ideas maximalism. As Lilith in Gemini is also augmented, anticipate support/money from surprising sources and/or a surge of mainstream interest in your sidestream ideas.

Since early July and until mid-October: You’re running/de-fragging core subliminal scripts and, while the Freudian slips and deja vu are a pain, the process is worth it. Your ruler Mercury opposes nebulous Neptune from August 24 to 26, inspiring a relapse into delusion, a memory matrix from childhood and/or a legit magical encounter. Your deft management of all that helps you find epic relationship clarity.

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