How To Get The Most Out Of Daily Horoscopes

Daily Horoscopes need to give you useful, actionable astrological intel or an inspirational boost. Ideally? Both. If the tone is dreary or the ‘voice’ is one that doesn’t resonate, it won’t matter how accurate they are.  They need to sync with your style and values.  There are two types of Daily Horoscopes – the ones written for you personally, calculated from your unique natal birth chart, and those that reference each Zodiac sign.

Mystic Medusa does both and each has a different advantage.  The personal version is super-accurate and will show you the exact time  – for example – that Mars is conjunct your Moon. That is, Mars now and the position of the Moon at your birth. It is more like an everyday transit report than a traditional horoscope. Reading these will encourage a greater awareness of your personal astro-energy and response to various stimuli.

Daily Horoscopes Need To Sync With Your Style & Values

The disadvantage is that they don’t take into account the broader astrological environment of the time. If you have a fabulous Venus transit in play on a day that the more general astro is aggro, you will experience it differently or have to calibrate your googoo seductive tactics/aesthetic genius accordingly.

The other Daily Horoscopes talk about the general astro-weather, as it influences each sign of the Zodiac. It’s not as fine-tuned because it is not written from your birth chart but for Aries, Taurus, etc. But it is always very now and it means you can also read other people’s scopes.

Contrary to the protestations of skeptics, Daily Horoscopes do not ‘tell you what to do.’ They’re more akin to an astral weather report – you don’t surrender your autonomy because you read an erratic winds warning. Similarly, why would a plan to go the beach on the day that a heatwave is forecast mean you’re passive?

Daily Horoscopes Are An Astral Weather Report

Ah, yes but meteorology is scientific,” say the dissenters. “There is data.” Astrology has data too, from NASA and via the same complex computations used in astrophysics to calculate the trajectory of a wayward space station or position of a Near-Earth Object. The difference of opinion comes down to whether or not it’s plausible that the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars could influence humans.

For years, the argument used against astrology simmered down to “so you think moonbeams or outer space energy shines onto Earth and has an impact?” Lol. This century it has become evident that the planet is bathed in highly charged particles from the Solar Wind and galaxies as yet unidentified. Some particles are (sort of) known and others are quantum puzzles, behaving in ways that baffle scientists and their most ultra-tech, billion-dollar equipment. The old rules of physics have been flipped.

People Have Always Looked To The Skies In Awe

Scientists say that approximately 85 percent of everything is so-called Dark Matter. This leaves plenty of room for enchantment. Astrology has been around for millennia. At various points in history, it was science. People have always looked to the stars and skies in awe, believing them to be magic. The more we know about them, the weirder it gets. Black holes are not voids, they contain galaxies. Stars are born, die, and could ‘reincarnate.’ Our solar system is in one ‘arm’ of a spiral-shaped galaxy revolving around the Galactic Center. Ancient star maps accurately depict these factors. Everywhere the machines go, an olden day magician or priestess has already visited.

To claim that we are not integrally connected to the Earth and Sky is to deny rationality and deep instinct. It is related to the sensibility that cloaks the ionosphere in a haze of toxic electromagnetic energy and calls the planetary environment a ‘fringe’ issue. Humans and animals are frequency-sensitive creatures and elementally, we are stars.

Elementally, We Are Stars

The Daily Horoscopes are not a substitute for your wisdom and instincts – they’re an enhancement. You can read them like movie reviews, seeing if the astrologer agrees with you, or as a guide to phenoms you don’t have the time or interest in parsing yourself. When you’re under pressure to perform or are feeling scattered, they’re a serenity-saver and guide.

At other, easier times, you can appreciate them as a cosmic haiku or mini mood elevation. Depending on your temperament, you can skim them and retain what resonates OR keep track – referencing the predictions and theories against your own experience to arrive at your own singular success formula.

Samantha Eggar
The Nebra Sky Disk – 1600 BC


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