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The biggest astro-development on the Capricorn horizon? Pluto moving out of Capricorn in April 2023. The Change God has dominated your astrological realm since 2008, not to mention the cultural zeitgeist. 2020/2021 has been a hefty, hard-to-parse transition zone but you have established the foundation for future peace and prosperity, believe it.

An unusually lengthy stay of Venus in Capricorn, complete with a record-breaking Venus-Pluto conjunction, ups the love ante in late 2021 and early 2022. Think relationship karma-drama, creative transcendence, soul-driven makeover and soulmating potential. You also stand to benefit from a magical Piscean influence that’s most intensive over March-April 2022.

Mystic Medusa Astrology covers all bases with two different styles of Daily Horoscope, a Weekly and a Monthly Horoscope. They all have slightly different styles and focus but they’re similar in that they’re worldly. Who has the luxury of new age fluff this era? Metaphysically informed and witty, they won’t insult your intelligence. The Horoscopes are for members only and yes, membership attracts a fee. The site has zero advertising or promoted content so this is the business model.

Capricorn October Monthly Horoscopes

The Earth and Water sign emphasis suits you and Venus in Capricorn from Friday, Nov 5 until March 2022 (yes, really) exerts a powerfully protective effect. November’s volatility is more likely to bring out your antifragility and eerie ability to invent something cool while trying to solve a non-cool issue. If you have been stifling creativity for the sake of love or parenting priorities, resentment could surface with the Lunar Eclipse/Mars-Uranus opposition that influences the week starting Nov 15.

But even then, Venus will be in harmonious alignment with Uranus, so the usual Uranian urge to shake off tedium or drastically space clear becomes a beneficial innovation/sudden liberating attraction phenom. Eros is also conjunct Pluto that week, raising your broader appeal and leadership charisma. Wild God Pan in Virgo for the month cinches it: sea-goatish lusts and the chance to deploy your saturnine business instincts are your core theme.

Yes, Saturn lurks in the $$$ sector, ready for the finale of the Saturn-Uranus square in December. But what Capricorn ever thinks they’ve done everything correctly with money? Regardless of how many pentacles you have stored up or what decisions you made in the past, Caps are never satisfied with themselves. It’s a success hack. With focus and a refusal to add on gimmicky features you don’t need, you set yourself up for a coup in December. And then, seriously, you will move into the first major astro-crap-free phase in nine years.

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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope Examples

It’s the final fortnight of Mars in Leo and for you, that means every financial interaction is potentially an existential battle. It flushes financial vampires out into the open, their motives or the sub-optimal set-up illuminated as if by infrared. You’re more invested and passionate than usual, realizing that you left some zones unguarded. If you can handle the verge-of-burnout intensity, it is an ultra-rewarding phase.

Venus conjunct Mars in your Sex & Metaphysics sector, a New Romance Moon and jovial, lucrative conversations that establish something significant – welcome to your week. Book a Dionysian revel for Mon/Tues – it is peak Mars/Venus pheromonal pleasure vibe. You could also opt not to schedule a thing – simply be present and casually open to an excellent development. You’re an awe and money magnet.

Pluto in your sign synced to Lilith in Taurus augments your creative processes, parenting if apt and any style of attraction or romance that you’d count as niche. You could run the whole planet on your pheromones but are unlikely to be drawn to the social signalling aspect of any relationship. This Pluto-Lilith uprising lasts until the 23rd, running alongside contradictory Saturn-Chiron transit that wants only to nest and prosper.

Mars in Leo is an attention-addicted, trophy-obsessed lunatic influence but it works. Besides, it is in play until July 30 so you may as well acquire some vulgar trappings and get with it. Working the current Mars energy fast-tracks everything. You’re Capricorn, surely you’re not going to bog yourself down in a boring debate about means and ends? Styling and presentation will enhance – not negate – your substance.

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