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The maverick Moon-People of the Zodiac, Cancerians have been operating with Pluto in their opposite sign since 2008. That changes in early 2023 and you may already be able to perceive 2008-2021/2022 as a distinct phase.

You’re currently benefitting from Neptune in Pisces, a simpatico Water sign, a visionary influence that benefits self-development and scholarly pursuits. Jupiter amped Neptune from mid-May until late July 2021 – that enhancement returns in Jan 2022.

Next year also sees Shadow Moon Lilith, the Lunar Apogee, in Cancer for nine months from mid-April: Lilith represents renegade female energy and primordial magic. The anti-Eve of the Bible, she is an emissary straight from Babylon and before, the witch they couldn’t kill.

All this and obviously more is covered by the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Horoscopes. They are for members only – the site is ad-free, tracker-free, and promoted-post-free – but you can see some of the Aries Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes below.

Cancer October Monthly Horoscopes

If relationships are going to reach flashpoint this month, it will be with the Full Moon/Mars-Pluto mayhem – Oct 20 to 24. Ideally, you take advantage of the more sedate astro leading up to that Zap Zone: A mellow Dark Moon from Oct 2 until the New Moon on the 6th* is good for low-key rapport-building and Oct 5 to 11 is a friendly Sun-Mars synergy – you may find people seek to reconcile or at least make a less deranged offer than they usually would.

And, the Libra Sun trines Jupiter in your (solar) 8th house from the 14th to 16th. If you can reach harmony or an agreement do it. You are ideally not leaning into the storm of the 20th-24th.  The good news is that it’s the ‘closing square’ of a fraught series that began in March 2020. So if you can stay out of turbulence enough to observe, you will see multiple storylines converge and resolve. And yes, it really would be ideal if you could spend those days hermetically chilling, acquiring knowledge.

By the time Scorpio Season begins, on October 23, Mercury will be Direct and you’ll be looking forward to the advent of Mars in Crab-Scarab-friendly Scorpio as well. Whatever you learned or were offered earlier in the month, with the Sun-Mars conjunction, will take shape.


*New Moon @13° Libra on October 6 at 12.05 Universal Time.

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope Examples

Mercury meets Mars in Virgo, guaranteeing discussion or public airing of attractions or disagreements already in motion. Both planets are also aligned with an amped Uranus, suggesting that whatever the outcome is, the results materialize quickly. Retain your advantage by pushing for the rapid results, rather than going anti-trend with a call for what essentially amounts to more coagulation time.

Pushing yourself to have one clear direction now would be self-entrapment. Why not loiter at the crossroads a little longer? A Uranian influence fosters alien-style detachment this week and even your most predictable relationships or business associates could zap out some zany antics. If they think you’re in automatic counsellor mode at the moment, they’re not reading you or the trends accurately.


If there is even a microscopic speck of a chance that a confrontation could loom, call it early. That way you get ahead of the gnarly astro coming up from Oct 20 to 24. Your optimal turf for negotiations and ye olde good luck is Oct 9/10 or Oct 14-16. Retro-Mercury merely means finesse the details and/or put off signature until Nov. Your core concern is to stop stagnation and prevent a Full Moon grudge flashpoint.

Tangible all week, the New Moon specializes in quick starts, actionable inspo, and sudden chemistry. People swap places, materialize, come, stay, go – whatever – at high velocity but the core point to focus on? This week sparks rare magic that reveals its full extent over late November’s Eclipse. This sorcery caters for all scenes but it’s particularly brilliant at solidifying haphazard alliances. Your eloquence is back and better.

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