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Aries don’t need horoscopes to tell them what to do: they set the agenda. But useful intel and performance enhancing suggestions? Absolutely. A sneak peek at the astrological influences affecting people of interest? Of course.

For Aries, Warrior God Mars is the most potent player. Its angles, retrogrades, proximity to Earth and phases provide exceptional guidance on timing.  Pluto has been the sharpest factor affecting Arieans for over a decade but that is about to shift and the changeover phase has already begun.

2022 has potential to be the best year – not hyperbole! – yet for Aries people, as the outer planet tensions of the last nine years will abate just as Jupiter enters Aries. The horoscopes on here are for members only – the site is ad-free, tracker-free and promoted-post free – but you can see some of the Aries Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes below.

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Aries October Monthly Horoscopes

*Sun & Rising

Mercury Retrograde and your ruler Mars in Libra, the opposing constellation to Aries, sounds ominous. But if you’re clear-eyed, it’s not at all. In a rapidly changing society/world, this is critical distance. In a weird way, being Aries can create weird, oblique myopic areas where you don’t perceive threats or opportunities. How? Well, you have guts and the chirpy confidence that you can get up speed to out-pace or out-wit anyone. It’s a Mars thing; you know about confidence. But it means you can rely only on that. Setting records for things you don’t actually have to do is a classic Aries issue.

So the Libra energy introduces a fresh angle every damn day. It can feel a bit ‘now the hell what?’ but the cognitive expansion is good for you. Throw in the 3x Mercury-Jupiter/Mercury-Pluto alignments and you’ve got a thought-style and relationship metamorphosis in play. ETA for completion: November 5. By then Mercury will be out of the shadowzone of the Retrograde and Mars will be in crypto-Scorp, turning you on to alt-finance and/or a sex life resurrection.

Make extreme objectivity your October mantra and stop carping at yourself to go faster. Note that the Full Moon phase of October 20 to 24 comes with a Mars-Pluto square bonus. It’s adversarial and politically the sort of config where diplomats storm out of countries but for you personally, it can be a career coup. If so, it emerges from your brave (really) 360-degree assessments.

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Aries Weekly Horoscope Examples

If you can channel a Full Moon existential funk/handle the Pisceans in your life, you’re on track for an ingenious coup via Venus opposite Uranus. That’s chaotic enough to create commotion, perhaps even a broader rebalancing moment. You’re looking at a Full Moon in the last degree of the Zodiac, near the Equinox, with Uranian hi-jinx – being prepared, calm, and already in your Change Agent outfit will work.

August 24 to 26: Mercury opposite Neptune tests a late March hypothesis or, perhaps more accurately, gamble.  Whatever emerges or however odd your in-box appears this week (Poltergeist? Time Warp?), you’re victorious. Mars amps your leadership acumen and Venus enhances relationships of all varieties. You’re well-placed to take a tangent or anomaly as a point of interest, not a prime motivating factor.

Fuq workarounds and patience. You’re beyond ready for the Venus-Mars in Leo config and its penchant for bold people like yourself. Definitive love developments and/or an opportunity to expand to the full extent of your enterprising vision are nigh. It’s not all big-heart, solar-chakra, fellow-Fire-sign Leo vibe: the Earth near Pluto reveals clandestine layers of power and influence that have or are affecting you.

The Leo New Moon could spark a sudden, lucrative venture, encounter or concept that reinvigorates even the most jaded Ramzilla. Simultaneously, August 9 to 12 has potential for delusional projections or high-velocity impulsivity and adrenal decision-making. To secure the fabulous prospect, proceed at a plod rather than your preferred turbo-zoom strut. It will allow you time to properly assess all of the data.

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