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While (technically) the 2021 Saturn-Uranus square was a flipped around version of the one in 1999, this one was more challenging. And no, not because of pandemic pressures: Saturn (your traditional ruler) in your sign making a gnarly aspect to Uranus, your modern ruler all year is officially a metaphysical marathon. But the gains will be enormous and Venus in your Soul Sector for months – instead of the usual few weeks) will help bring your psyche up to speed. You may even sink into a sensual, psychologically satisfying and supernaturally cued love thing.

The big deal for 2022 is $$$, however, with an unprecedented Jupiter-Neptune astro-phenom landing in early 2022 and the second half of the year delivering on the rad ideas of recent Retrogrades in Gemini. All this and more are delineated in the Horoscopes on here: The ad-free/tracker-free, zeitgeist-compliant Daily, Daily Personal (calculated from your unique birth data), Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes are members-only because really, they’re not for everyone. You can, however, see a few examples below!

Aquarius October Monthly Horoscopes

Agitated? It’s not only the high Solar Winds or the ongoing fuqery. For the first week of November, the Earth is as near to Uranus as it can be. Given that you’ve spent 2021 mediating a sharp angle between Uranus – your so-called modern ruler – and Saturn – the boss-planet you previously shared with Capricorn, this feels resonant.

As if the Dark Moon did not have a strong enough undertow, this phenom means you physically feel your yearlong tug-of-war between two different temperaments. Briefly, see Saturn as ‘scientific’ and wanting worldly recognition with renegade Uranus desiring to live in some hyper-dimension of society, visible only when they want to be.

The New Moon on Nov 4/5 is in Scorpio, aka your solar career sector, and it represents a departure from an established or past philosophy. Anyone who thinks it’s random hasn’t been paying attention to your year of intensive thrashing around and existential angsting. Or, as you call it, research. While the Sun-Uranus/Mars-Uranus oppositions could be difficult, they aid Aquarians on ambition realization benders or trying to get out of something.

But they’re hard on Aquarian relationships: when you’ve got this much going on, practically any intrusion is irritating. You may also be unusually emotional and turf-war-ish around chez Aqua. Nobody said being a contemporary alchemist was easy, but by as early as January, you will appreciate your incredible development over 2021.

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Examples

Aquarians engaging with Earth element energy – like the Virgo-Taurus-Capricorn synergy until Sept 12 – are hilarious. Top Hits include “Sudden Onset Psygnosis Experiences With Plants” – known to other zodiac signs as ‘gardening’ and “Mind-Warping Recovered Memory That Food Intake Affects Mood & Energy Levels.” It’s the ideal follow up for the ethereal insights of Sunday’s Full Moon in Aquarius.

Sensuality, intimacy or a particular affinity stages a surprise reappearance with Venus trine Uranus this week. It’s a brilliant distraction from the gravitas of the Sun-Mercury opposition to Saturn in your sign. While that does represent a gleaming opportunity – a promotion or more prestigious platform- it’s also ‘heavy’ enough to arouse you inner ‘against-everything’ renegade. A rebel-manifesto romance appeals.

This week, Venus + Mars square your ruling planet Uranus and you could score a significant victory. Or, if you’re unrealistic about potential competition or shaky foundations, a time-burning screw-up. The most reliable strategy is be to avoid sudden, instinctive moves but be ready to respond to phenoms that appear without notice. Avoid people who’ve cast you as the thrilling wild thing in their dull narrative.

Don’t indulge even a nano of complacency regarding chez Aquarius, real estate, domestic scenarios etc. The Lunar Eclipse that influences the entire week is in your solar home sector and while it could, of course, be a brilliant but surprising development, be prepared. Mars and Venus stimulate your ruler Uranus: if you’re well-rested and nourished, you channel it as legit magic and regenerated inspo.

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