The Horoscopes are valid and relevant for anywhere on the planet. They complement your good judgment and personal intuition. To shed light on the present, they sometimes roam far into the future or back into the past.

…A planetary alignment today could echo that of a certain Summer a decade ago. Recalling that helps comprehend today’s dynamic. Or, a relatively minor Moon transit could be transient but also a subtle omen toward something more profound coming up.

  • Generally, their aim is to be pragmatic, magical and uplifting.
  • You can read for your Rising sign as well as your Sun sign.

You can read them, in two ways; Flip between the modes as you please.

1. For All Signs

All of the signs, all at once for Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

2. Horoscopes By Sign

View your Sun/Rising sign and that sign’s Daily, Weekly and Monthly horoscope

The scopes are also archived, for future reference.

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