What is Housewitchery? It’s when you take charge of your living environment and infuse it with quality energy via time-tested, practical magic. Housewitchery is Mystic’s term for her every day “at home” philosophy. It is not witchcraft but it draws on Feng Shui, Wicca, Geomancy and some of the customs of ancient civilizations. Browse dozens of posts on space-clearing, power-purging and simple ways to turn your place of residence into a Power Lair.

The Symbolism Of Finding Feathers

The symbolism of finding feathers gets a great rap in certain types of new age media, but I’m not so sure. Are they a sign of angels? Or that birds naturally shed feathers? I am cynical about this. The three times I have spotted a feather on the footpath and thought goo-goo esoteric thoughts, I’ve discovered the torn off wing further up the path. And, I am not necessarily a …

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Feng Shui Office Spells

Work Witching

Feng Shui Office Spells are so much easier when you work at home or for yourself. Working at home enables a degree of magical practice that is difficult to deploy in a working environment with other people. You may not get paid leave for, well, anything and the dress code can be downright dodgy as fuq. Athleisure evolved with the growing sector of the population who work at home. But …

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Feng Shui And Kondo Fever

Feng Shui need not be ornate nor involve Asian-style decoration if that is not your aesthetic. But yes, it does align with the old-style Puritan dictate of cleanliness being next to godliness. Tim Ferriss has a new podcast up with Marie Kondo – the Japanese and Libra tidying maven. I love her latest quote: “tidying orders the mind while cleaning purifies it.” And as someone with Mars in Virgo, I …

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui To Deflect A Vampire Neighbor

Feng Shui Bad Neighbor Hell? When you can’t move, but your neighbor is an Energy Vampire, what can you do? Thankfully, there are techniques. And if you’re speed reading this looking for a solution, here is the short version. Put a line of salt along your threshold. It’s old school, but it works. It is like the castor oil pack of House Witchery. Dear Mystic, I had a massive falling-out …

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The Spiritual Benefits Of Eating With Your Hands

There are apparently spiritual benefits of eating with your hands. Forgive me as i am about to cite information without the source. I am blaming Mercury Retrograde. So, i literally cannot recall this article i read someplace – the New Yorker? the Daily Mail? The Ashakic Records? –  that said eating with your hands was the only cosmic way to consume food so that its life force was not upset. …

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Palo Santo Can Be Too Cloying For Saturn People

I am in love with Palo Santo at the moment. But it can be too cloying for Saturn People or Saturn transits. If you don’t know it, it means “holy tree” or “sacred tree,” and it originates from South America. Apparently, no tree is felled to obtain the Palo Santo. The little chips are collected from the dead branches that fall from the tree. Or so I am told? Truth? …

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