What is Housewitchery? It’s when you take charge of your living environment and infuse it with quality energy via time-tested, practical magic. Housewitchery is Mystic’s term for her every day “at home” philosophy. It is not witchcraft but it draws on Feng Shui, Wicca, Geomancy and some of the customs of ancient civilizations. Browse dozens of posts on space-clearing, power-purging and simple ways to turn your place of residence into a Power Lair.

Protective Magic In A Workplace

Emergency Vibe Control At The Office

Protective Magic In A Workplace Hi Mystic,  Just yesterday, leadership in my office forced my team to move offices- quite suddenly. I suspect it was because my original office here was really very beautiful (great view). It gave off a happy vibe because me and my office mate were pretty happy people. Anyway, I was moved to the previous leader’s office and let me tell you…. I do NOT like …

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Witch Queen Asteroid Hecate in Cancer strikes again! Just a hats off to you my dear queen!   From Sagittarius (rising in my case) Monthly: “Any form of house witching, space clearing and just power purging is auspicious.You could instinctively sense the true name of your house, where to move to or be drawn toward a talismanic, magical piece of art.” First night in the new place tonight.  Moved house, …

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How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

How can you remove negative energy from your home? It’s all very well to tinkle around the place, enhancing the vibe, but sometimes we need heavier duty solutions. Hey Mystic! I did a Google search about this and didn’t find any answers I trusted: Have you ever gotten sick after a house cleanse?  Having found out he was sleeping behind bins in Edinburgh, I did a fellow grad student a …

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Are There Astrology Rituals For Planetary Transits?

Astrology Rituals For Planetary Transits work. They’re best invented by yourself off your instincts and out of your history but here are some thoughts. I was inspired by the email below. Hi Mystic! I’ve been loving the recent posts on the Full Moon rituals and was thinking, is it apt to mark major transits with fitting planet-aligned rituals? I¹m a Cap rising and Saturn will soon be conjunct my Ascendant  So I¹m …

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What Is The Dark Moon Power Purge?

The Dark Moon Power Purge is marked on the Moon Calendar and it occurs every single month. It’s the ultimate zone for speed house witching. Here’s how. The word clutter has its root in the word ‘clot’ as on coagulate. There is a very real thrill in de-cluttering and removing things. It stimulates energy and ideas. And it is meditative, to the extent that the sorting and assessing take up …

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How Do I Remove A Voodoo Thanksgiving Curse?

Clearing Negative Energy is particularly tricky after a Voodoo Thanksgiving but it can be done! Dear Mystic,  I am hesitant to ask this of you but how do you remove what might be a curse?  To cut a very long story short, I went to the house of a relative for Thanksgiving and ended up in a terrible drunken argument about politics and conspiracy theories. This person – a very …

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