What is Housewitchery? It’s when you take charge of your living environment and infuse it with quality energy via time-tested, practical magic. Housewitchery is Mystic’s term for her every day “at home” philosophy. It is not witchcraft but it draws on Feng Shui, Wicca, Geomancy and some of the customs of ancient civilizations. Browse dozens of posts on space-clearing, power-purging and simple ways to turn your place of residence into a Power Lair.

House Witchery Home Totem Advice Sought

When choosing a lucky totem for your house, it must be one you’re aligned with. If you’re not feeling drawn toward a particular genre, use astrology! Ok Mystic, community challenge time! The interwebs have been trawled, your House Witchery has been scoured, my unconscious has been plunged (ok, exaggeration – it was more like a 2 min elevator pitch, whatever), and nothing entirely addresses a need I have. And that …

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Ask Mystic: House Witchery – Am I Being Cursed By A Doormat?

Dear Mystic,  This is a House Witchery question that is not really astrological. I’m sure I’m not the only person haunted by hessian mats and pewter trinkets. My actual Ask Mystic question is:  am I being cursed by someone else’s doormat? And also by their little silver guardian angel, but suggesting I was being cursed by someone else’s guardian angel sounds weird –  like I have an infestation of winged …

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How To Not Smoke Frog Venom

Who The Hell Smokes Frog Venom? Hemp Seeds are an automatic add-on. I have Reishi nearly every night.  My first trial batch of PQQ is in transit. But i seem to have been totally out of the loop on Frog Venom. Or is there no loop? Is Frog Venom not actually the latest antioxidant, psychedelic It-Substance? Let me walk you back a bit. Ever since my Ascendant Progressed into Aries (Progressed Ascendant …

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Uranus in Taurus Plant Therapy

Uranus in Taurus Plant Therapy IS a thing.  Magically thinking-wise, every plant is a deity in and of itself. Every plant also has affiliations. Or, more appropriately, correspondences. Medieval medical astrology was based on this concept, with Nicholas Culpeper being the best known medico-astrologer.  So super-high-end plant medicine is one promising potential outcome of Uranus in Taurus. But as a bona-fide Uranian, i’m not waiting around. My Uranus in Taurus …

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House Witchy

The House Witchery Mp3 (for Mega Mystic members) was temporarily suspended due to excess traffic. So, i  upgraded my Dropbox account and all is well again.  Sorry about that, i did not even know there were traffic limits on Dropbox.   Any problems, email me. But the link is fine… Image: Practical Magic

Housewitchery Mp3 Sent Out

The House Witchery Mp3 for Mega Mystic members is scheduled to be sent out in within five minutes of this post going up! I hope you like it. It is a very idiosyncratic rant but with hopefully heaps of helpful or inspirational info in there. If you are a Mega Mystic member but you don’t receive it, please check your junk filter and if is not there, email me!   …

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