What is Housewitchery? It’s when you take charge of your living environment and infuse it with quality energy via time-tested, practical magic. Housewitchery is Mystic’s term for her every day “at home” philosophy. It is not witchcraft but it draws on Feng Shui, Wicca, Geomancy and some of the customs of ancient civilizations. Browse dozens of posts on space-clearing, power-purging and simple ways to turn your place of residence into a Power Lair.

Scare-Devil: Flower Of Euphoria

Happiness, Astrology and St Johns Wort is a thing. Obviously I am not a mental health professional & nor do i prescribe things…But i love St Johns Wort – and any naturopath/herbalist/up-to-date doctor could tell you all about it.  It has been renowned as a cure for melancholy since ancient times & there is loads of info on the Wiki… I think it works like mad. There is a really …

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Magical Queen Of Flowers

Ylang Ylang Magical Properties

The Ylang Ylang magical properties are connected to its rulership by Venus  Depending upon whom you ask, the name means Flower Of Flowers, Rare or Wilderness. In trad herb lore, it is a flower of Venus & the essential oil is officially recognized for euphoria-inducing qualities. It is also reputed to help with ailments from motion sickness to high blood pressure. South Pacific islanders used it liberally as an aphrodisiac, sprinkling …

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Salt with black background

The Magical Properties Of Salt

The Magical Properties Of Salt. Few realize that salt is a powerful substance in magic and witchcraft. It’s a potent protector and energy clearer. Salt is insanely shielding. Especially sea salt. Nearly every single culture considers it protective.  Voodoo, Pagan, Hindu…Various ye olde lore has it that you can put a line of salt across your threshold to keep those would wish you ill out, put in a circle around …

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The Immortality House

The Immortality House Is Bad Feng Shui

The Immortality House is the opposite of good Feng Shui, seemingly almost designed to block the flow of energy and entrap stale vibe. This Wall St Journal article re the architects Mr. Arakawa and Madeline Gins, who – like many – lost their $$$ through Bernie Madoff is so worth a read. The slide show of pix is extraordinary & the vision is utterly Ballardian. “…Of all the dreams that …

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pot of basil

The Magical Properties Of Basil

Beyond its delicious use in pesto, this “royal herb” is unique. Discover the magical properties of basil, most notably for prosperity. Basil is magic – in pesto, obviously & with tomatoes, et al but also in sorcery. The name itself comes from an old Greek word for King but some say it actually comes ‘basilisk‘ – the mythical serpent. The medieval herbalist Culpepper had it as being ‘of Mars & …

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