For any ‘galactic’ guys or girls….Mystic Medusa is my go-to for anything horoscope related. I love knowing when the moon is full and getting information on my Libra sign.
Dannii Minogue


# What Is The Origin Of Mystic Medusa?

A suburb on the outskirts of Atlantis that mysteriously missed the flood. Okay – seriously. Mystic Medusa began in July 1997 as a column in The Australian newspaper, that country’s national daily broadsheet. It is still in there every Saturday!  The name was originally meant to be an ironic play on the super-popular, very mass market Mystic Meg. The idea was to juxtapose a fierce Gorgon energy with the hokier sounding “Mystic”.  Years later, it seems like there was more going on than that. The name Medusa means ‘sovereign female wisdom’. Barbara Walker in The Woman’s Encyclopedia Of Myths and Secrets says the story of Perseus beheading Medusa (originally a Libyan Snake Goddess) was to “account for the appearance of Medusa’s face on the shield of Athene…A female face surrounded by serpent hair was an ancient widely recognized symbol of divine female wisdom, and equally of the ‘wise blood’ that supposedly gave women their divine powers.” The website was launched in September 1999, right after the magic Solar Eclipse of August 11. Astro-Freaks might like to know that Mystic, then a journalist, got offered the chance to write “an astrology column” with Saturn smack-bang on her Mercury in Aries.

# Why do the Horoscopes Cost Money?

 Mystic Medusa is an ad-free site: no ads, no cookies, no promotional posts or affiliated links. We are fully supported by our sensational Mega Mystic members.  Mega Mystic members receive access to the Horoscopes, Mega Mystic members-only blog posts (these are marked with an asterisk), the Daily Mystic email, the Mega Mystic Freebies section(Mp3s, basically) the Scheduler, the Tarot, and the Oracle.  

# What is Mystic’s Mailing Address?

Mystic888 Pty Ltd or Mystic Medusa – PO Box 3061 – Tamarama – Sydney – NSW 2026 – Australia.

# What is Mystic’s Sign?

 Mystic is a Pisces Sun with Aquarius Rising and a loaded 8th House. Her Moon is in Libra. She identifies as super Uranian. You can find out a bit more about her and how she came into her love of astrology in this interview from Haute Macabre.  There are also occasional posts referring to her personal astrology, such as this one about Mercury in Aries

# What If I Am A Mega Mystic Member or Have Oracle/Tarot Access And Cannot Log In? 

For any problems logging in, please email [email protected] for help from a real person – no algorithmic or robot responses here. But first, consider the following: are you using the correct username (the one you selected or your email) and password? If you have logged in but cannot access the Horoscopes, Oracle etc, it could be that your membership is expired? If that is the case, it will say so on your Member Dashboard. Finally, a cache-clear and refresh fix 95% of problems, like kicking an old-fashioned dishwasher.

# What Time Zone Are The Horoscopes In?

 They are written to be relevant for any time zone on Gaia aka Earth, so if it is your Tuesday then read for Tuesday! The exact time is cited when there is a planetary shift or particularly time-sensitive energy. The Moon Sign Changeover Times, Void Moons and significant planetary shifts for seven different cities – Los Angeles, New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong,  Sydney, and Auckland – are in the Daily Horoscopes. 

# How does the Oracle Work?

It works off Dark Matter. That is a joke. Sort of. Think of the Oracle as a fun and modern-day Magic 8 Ball. Choose from pre-assigned questions and receive smart, pertinent responses. The Oracle can be weirdly accurate but it is perfectly light and amusing. The Tarot is more in-depth, offering a 12 Card take on your current situation. There is also a Single Tarot reading, for when you want a swifter take on things. The 12 Card Reading uses the classic Waite deck and is themed around the classic Horoscope Reading. The Single Tarot was created by Mystic and themed off Alchemy and Uranian Astrology -These are all instant reads included in the Mega Mystic membership. As with the Horoscopes, her goal is to keep them upbeat, supportive, accurate, fun and pertinent. If you want fatalistic gloom, dreariness or New Age jargon, go elsewhere. 

Next to organic foods, and my triple water filter; Mystic Medusa’s website is something I could not live without. Her teachings, guidance and consciousness raising tips for modern times can not be matched anywhere. Her site is an unparalleled esoteric library, a therapists office(Jungian of course), an Astro wizardry school, and web community of the reincarnated souls of the beheaded and burned magicians, witches, wise ones and goddess worshipers of our ancient past. Mystic is providing a life-hack pack of knowledge and wisdom that everyone deserves to have at their fingertips. Consider the subscription costs an investment in your soul, an homage to your ancestors. 
Lynn Collins 


 # What is the difference between the Daily Mystic and the Daily Horoscopes?

The Daily Mystic is the epic email that drops into the inbox of Mega Mystic members from Monday to Friday. It covers the current astro climate as well as up to the minute advice on how to handle whatever celestial vibe is at play.

Think of it as a cool and essential conversation keeping you up to date on Mystic’s thoughts about the planets and their activity. It is for everyone – like a cosmic weather report – and is where you will find pointed “red light/green light” type advice.  The Daily Horoscopes are the more traditional ‘personalised to your sign’ scopes, offering up worldly and accurate advice based on the current transits, with advice for Love/Career/Health etc. 

# I Am A Mega Mystic Member But Not Receiving the Daily Mystic Email – How Do I Fix This? 

Firstly, check your junk and spam filters. It is surprisingly easy to inadvertently unsubscribe. Hotmail, for example, is notorious for unsubscribing people without them necessarily knowing it. If you want to change the address your Daily Mystic email is going to, you can do it via your Membership Dashboard. If you change it there, it syncs in the next 24 hours. Another, more rare reason, that you may not be getting it is that you made a typo when purchasing your membership. For example, “gmaul” not “gmail”. That means the Daily Mystic to you will bounce. We try to pick up on such obvious errors but sometimes they slip through. If you have considered these factors and are still not receiving it, please email [email protected]. Every email is responded to within 24 business hours so if you do not receive a reply, it may be to do with your email. If that is the case, please try from another email or reach out via social media.

# What Is The Scheduler? 

An incredibly useful Online Moon Calendar. Kept updated for a year ahead – always – it is your at-a-glance astrological calendar. It depicts the Lunar Portals. These are conjunctions of the Moon to Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto that occur every month for short bursts of time. They are brilliant to know about and work with. The Astro-Scheduler also shows Retrogrades, changes of Sun, Moon and Planet signs, Full Moons and New Moons. The good dates for love, enterprise, spiritual growth and health are marked on there, along with Zap Zone alerts and the best monthly zones for a Power Purge/House Witching ritual.

# What is the Zap Zone? 

This was a term coined by Mystic to describe the Uranus Pluto square that was the signature alignment of 2012 to 2015. Now she uses it to describe any strong Cardinal square action. These usually feature forced growth and catharsis. Strong Zap Zone dates are featured in the Horoscopes and the Astro Scheduler.  Another commonly used phrase is Hyper-Flux. It is the term for strong Mutable squares, where the atmosphere is skittish and strange but supportive of speedy reforms and energy shifts. Hyper-Flux conditions require agility and a fluid mindset.

# What Are the Posts with an * In Front Of Them? 

They are Mega Mystic members-only posts. Once you join, you can just stay logged in and see everything/do everything.

# Does Mystic Do Personal Consults/Natal Chart Readings? 

Yes! Mystic offers Fast Turnaround (within 48 hours) Astro-Consults: her words, put together via a program, to ensure speedy delivery and affordability. The current offerings are Power Moons, Astral DNA, Love Warp 9, the Year Ahead Astro-Passages and a Seven Year Ahead Transit Report. These are all worked off your individual birth chart.

 # What is a Love Zombie?

 Love Zombie is a term used by Mystic for when people go into full-on delusional autopilot mindset around a love interest, especially in scenarios where they know better. When in Love Zombie mode people abandon rationality, creativity, and good judgment to spend hours stalking someone on the internet. Or they let their current love obsessions get away with all kinds of crap. E.g He’s married, the sex is bad and he owes me $20,000 but I feel like he is my past life karmic soul mate and I just need to stick it out. Love Zombie conditions induce thoughts and behavior that we later are aghast at. As Mystic says, “it’s karmic” is just as bad as the old “it’s complicated.”  “Complicated” is usually actually quite simple. “Karmic” is not necessarily an indicator that you should be together. 

Being a Mystic Medusa subscriber has created deep and profound shifts in my own art-making, fashion, relationships, and spiritual evolution; not only are her horoscopes incredibly wise and effortlessly on-point, they also invite you to step into a worldview where we are all powerful magicians, visionaries and witches co-creating our own magic in our own lives with the energetic currents of the universe. 
Yumi Sakugawa


# How Do I Get A Gravatar/My Own Little Picture Next To The Comments? 

Gravatar stands for “Globally Recognised Avatar” pictures. They are not generated off this site. If you do not have a Gravatar, you are assigned a cute little monster picture. But getting a Gravatar is easy. Choose an image. For best results, make it square and 424px by 424px. (it will automatically be sized down to 60×60 for the comments, but start big so it doesn’t distort). Go to Gravatar.com’s signup page.  Enter your email address, choose a username and password and click CONTINUE.  You’ll see the message “Whoops, looks like you don’t have any images yet!” Click the link to the right of that message to add your image.  The Gravatar will now automatically load with comments using that email address. 

# Does Mystic Medusa Have Any Sales Or Discount Coupons?

From time to time, yes. Add your email here to be first-notified of any amazing deals.

# Where Can I Read More On Pluto Transits, Being A Leo, Moon Signs – Whatever? 

There are hundreds of blog posts on the site dealing with a huge variety of astrological subjects. They can be searched via the site search box at the top right-hand side (if on a computer) or at the bottom (if viewing on a mobile phone) below the social media links OR the categories menu. Or you can just google your subject of interest with “Mystic Medusa” first and that brings up the pertinent posts. If you want to go right down the astro-fiend rabbit hole of research, use the tags menu.

 # What Is A Qi Vampire?

 Qi is the vital life force that flows through people’s body, psyche, and mind. So a Qi Vampire is something or someone that taps into that and drains it for themselves. The Qi Vampire can slither into your life without your awareness and suddenly all their problems become your problems. The classic Qi Vamp scenario is when you get e.g. tired or scattered when around a particular colleague. But it goes beyond that and you somehow can’t seem to let go of the irritant, it’s like the person or situation has lodged in your psyche and needs to be evacuated. Terrifyingly, Love Zombies act as their own Qi Vampire. 

 # Who is Vanadium Lightyear?

Raised by a Qi Vampire in an alternative dimension not so far from ours, Vanadium Lightyear was a whole other person before her Saturn return. And then she stepped into the Neptunian Life Coaching office. Lightyear is her new self, she is all of us, but she is also way ahead of us – studying Space Archaeology, testing out the new Love Zombie vaccine and surfing her existential crisis.  Vanadium is taking a dating break until Pluto goes into Aquarius.

 # Can I gift someone else a Membership? 

 Yes, you can! Kudos for being an awesome friend. You can get them a Gift Card here. Or, if you would like a Mega Mystic membership set up for your friend, please email [email protected]. The latter option is available for gift memberships of a year or more. 

# What Is Ask Mystic?

Ask Mystic is when you email [email protected] asking a general ‘what is going on with this vibe in my life?’ question. Or it could be a strange observation and you are wondering, “wait, is this a thing?” Mystic uses these questions as a jump-off point for replying to you as well as sharing cool astro insights and encouraging a conversation between in the comment section.  Any Mega Mystic member can send an Ask Mystic query with the caveat that you don’t mind it being shared on the blog and that it is broadly amusing or of general interest. This rules out deeply personal issues and nuanced chart questions. You can browse the Ask Mystic questions from the past for examples of what works. 

# What is Behind The Pay Wall? 

 Mega Mystic Membership includes: The epic Daily Mystic emails, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Horoscopes and the Mystic Medusa Scheduler (a cool calendar with look ahead astral vibes – perfect for long-term planning). It also incorporates the fabulous On Demand Tarots, The Oracle and access to members-only blog posts.  You can join for as little as a month or up to two years. The memberships are not auto-renewing. 


I’ve been a Mystic Medusa member for years. Her horoscopes are pointed and insightful and inevitably leave me feeling fortified.

Peternelle van Arsdale


# What Currency Is The Site/Shop In? 

Whatever you want – there is a currency converter on the Shop page. Select from Australian dollars, United States dollar, Yuan, Canadian dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, New Zealand dollar and Yen. You can choose from Stripe or Paypal – both are secure servers and you do not need a credit card to use Paypal. If you would prefer to pay via online banking, please email [email protected]. The online banking options are only available for memberships of a year or more.

# Who Did The Mystic Medusa picture heading the site and on the Horoscopes pages? 

The artist is Sagittarius Olaf Hajek – Mystic commissioned him to do an original artwork in 2012, having always loved his work. The product images are by super-talented Scorpio Loulou Androlia.

# Who Is Pluto The Racehorse? 

Pluto is a rescued mare and previous racehorse – a proportion of $$$ spent on this site keeps Pluto in the clover she so richly deserves. Strung on out on speed to make her go faster, she was nonetheless not fast enough for her owners, who sold her off for slaughter. She was then saved at the last minute to breed but her previous life meant she could not carry a pregnancy so off to the slaughter-house she went again. Rescued by SAHA, she is today happy, free and fulfilled fostering abandoned or orphaned foals.

# What is House Witchery? 

House Witchery is Mystic’s phrase for her personalized combo of astrology, Feng Shui and Geomancy principles, minimalism, space clearing, smudging and power purging. House Witchery is also Mystic’s Mp3 rant about all these topics.

# Why Are There Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Horoscopes? 

Because there just are. They vary in theme and context. And it’s not like Mega Mystic members are the type of people who need astrology to tell them how to live their lives. They’re reading them for extra zing, for a cosmic form of insider info and to give them an edge. Sometimes the Daily Horoscopes roam far ahead to make a pertinent point. Or the Monthly Horoscopes will ask that you ponder a particular phase from years ago because it was the seed of the upcoming month. Drawing your attention to these time-echoes often evokes an ‘aha’ moment.

# How Are Mystic’s Horoscopes Different From Other Horoscopes? 

Someone called it “astrology for sociopaths.” Mystic was initially offended but then this person explained that they had been using it to shark their way through complex business terrain and it had worked. There is a place for crystals and incense but let’s be real: we are living through interesting times. We need every single weapon at our disposal to thrive though and remain Zeitgeist compliant…aka not psychically trapped in another era. Mystic’s aim is to make the ancient practice and art of astrology relevant to complex modern lives.

Mystic Medusa is an adrenalin shot of wit and wisdom. I’ve been a Mega Mystic subscriber for nearly TEN years and it has honestly been the best investment in my personal growth that I have ever made. No other site teaches me more about myself, my work, my struggles and my relationships – and ultimately how to be the best version of myself – while making me laugh out loud on a daily basis. I love Mystic – she adds genius and pragmatic magic to your everyday world.
Fiora Cutler


Top Image: From the Single Tarot

Bottom Image: Our Sponsor Horse Pluto.