Technical Questions

Please send the URL – the site address found at the top of the browser window and, if possible, a screenshot of the error to [email protected]

It could be worth refreshing the page or clearing your browser cache as this can often fix things!


Mega Mystic members are able to export a month of the Moon Calendar to their mobile phone or Outlook calendar.

Clicking on the pink ‘Export’ button generates an ICS file that automatically integrates with your existing iCal.

It is currently set to allow expert of the current month only so if it is – for example – July 15, your Moon Calendar data will extend to the end of July.

Questions? Email us for any extra technical questions you would like on this page.

We have recently upgraded our tech on the backend which has caused temporary lapses in accessing these features.

However, there is currently a broader issue with Safari, ios, and Mac at the moment. If you are on an iPhone or a Mac using any browser, it could be affecting you but it seems to be endemic to Safari, even if your version is not the latest.

The issue “Safari won’t load site” – for example – has 28,000 entries on Apple Support Forum at the moment.

There are some more details here. It is affecting sites like eBay, Reddit, and Facebook as well. Apple is already trying to fix it asap but in the meantime, these are their suggested workarounds.

#Select ‘enable Javascript’ in the Preferences.

#Go to Preferences, Privacy, Manage Website Data, and then Manage Data – Search “Mystic” and delete those cookies. It will log you out but that is expected.

#Clear the cache – Safari ‘clear history’ is incomplete – if you go to preferences, developer, and then select empty cache, it is more thorough.

#Reload without content blockers.

If these don’t work, please seek support from Apple, and in the meantime, we highly recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome. We apologise for this frustrating experience and appreciate your patience during these times.

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