You may have been asked to re-enter your birth data after the recent upgrade. If so, once you enter your birth details and click save, the link is visible again. It is also linked to from the Mega Mystic Members page and the Horoscope page.

Five, including yourself and then if you get sick of following someone’s personal daily horoscopes, you can simply remove them. But the default personal horoscope is always set to yourself and you don’t have to set up profiles to view other people’s if you’re not interested.

This is a member’s only feature so the option only appears if you have an active Mega Mystic membership. The first time you access these horoscopes, you will be prompted to securely enter your birth data. Once you’ve clicked save on those, you can view your personal daily horoscopes or add more people. you only need to enter your birth data once and it is then saved for use in the horoscopes and astrology reports.

The Weekly Horoscopes run from Saturday* until the following Friday and are posted on the Wednesday before at 2 AM Universal Time.

For example: A Weekly Horoscope covering Saturday November 10 would be posted on Wednesday November 7.

*Saturday, literally the day of Saturn, was once the beginning of the week.

The Monthly Horoscopes are posted at 2 AM Universal Time on the first day of the month.

The Daily Horoscopes are posted at 10 AM Universal Time the day before.

You can view All the Zodiac signs together for Daily, Weekly or Monthly Horoscopes.

EG: Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc.

You can also select a single sign – eg: Virgo – and read the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Archived Horoscopes for that sign.

The personal daily horoscopes don’t have options as they’re calculated from your unique personal birth data.

Mystic uses a combination of Geocentric and Heliocentric astrology, the classical aspects plus quincunxes and declinations, synodic cycles and her unique ability to interpret the current astrological climate in a way that is resonant for each individual sign.

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