Privacy and Security

Please head to the link below to read our Privacy Policy:

At the site level, we use Wordfence Premium, which you can read more about here. At the server level, we use a Juniper firewall and the host also deploys a wider range of measures, including DDoS protection, Modsec, and CXS. We security-audit the site frequently and our privacy-increasing measures have also increased the site security.

They are not stored on the site at all but at Stripe or Paypal, both reputable companies whose handling of your details meet every legal requirement and beyond. Mystic Medusa Astrology can tell if a card is accepted or declined but we don’t see the card details.

It is stored in your user dashboard as part of your profile, protected by a password you choose.

As of April 2021, there are two third party integrations on the site: one is Google Analytics and the other is Chimp Static.

Chimp Static is a cookie from Mail Chimp, who send out the Daily Mystic email. It’s purpose is to ensure that your email address edits are reflected in the Daily Mystic email settings. The only information it collects is your email address and whether your membership is active or not.

Google Analytics collects meta-data – not individual info and it has been useful in that it shows what posts are the most popular and so on. But nonetheless, as part of her commitment to privacy, Mystic is having it removed by May.

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