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They download to the default downloads folder on your computer or device, as well as your user dashboard, where they are kept under Astrology Reports.

They are in your user dashboard, under Astrology Reports or Mp3s/Downloads.

First, check your download settings on the computer or device you are using. Some – eg: iPads – prohibit Mp3 downloads unless via the bundled software such as iTunes. You can also stream music or recordings live from your user dashboard. If an Mp3 does not play all the way through or stops and goes back to the beginning, it means it was not downloaded in full. Of course, if you have any issues with these, email [email protected] for assistance.

Go to the Mp3s section on your user dashboard, which is where you will find your purchased Mp3s and click download again. Or, click play to stream it. If the original download was interrupted by a connection drop out or you inadvertently clicked to open it too soon, it won’t have downloaded in full.

Yes. Every Mp3 you purchase from Mystic Medusa Astrology is immediately download ready but they are also stored in your user dashboard, where you can listen to them any time by clicking “play.”

Not at the moment sorry. Mystic has very few one-on-ones available and they are booked out for over a year.

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