Daily Mystic Emails

The Daily Mystic email is Mystic’s broad take on the current astrological climate and it is emailed to Mega Mystic members from Monday to Friday, with the Friday email covering the weekend as well.

If you are not receiving your Daily Mystic email, it will due to one of the following factors:

*You or your email program unsubscribed in error. Hotmail is notorious for bulk-unsubscribing people. Check the most recent one that you received to see if it was unsubscribed from. Please go here to opt in again.

*It is going to a spam or promotions filter – Companies alter their anti-spam protocols all the time so if you want to receive the Daily Mystic, please add [email protected] to your contacts. This will lessen the chance that your email host will include it in their next sweep.

*You do not have a current Mega Mystic membership – you can check that on your user dashboard’s “manage membership” section.

*Emails are being sent but bouncing due to “mailbox full” or a typo when you entered your email address at sign-up. You will need to email [email protected] to fix this but it is simple and obviously we will credit the time that you were not receiving the D.M.

*It is a bug in our system – the sync between the MM site and Mail Chimp, who we use to send out the Daily Mystic, should be straightforward but it sometimes skips people who have renewed with a different membership to the previous one. We are working on a fix for this and appreciate how annoying it is. If you have checked your junk filter and the possibility you’ve unsubscribed, please email [email protected] and we will take care of this, as well as crediting back any lost time.

Yes! There is a ‘view this email in browser’ option at the bottom of the email and you can also view recent Daily Mystics on the Mega Mystic Members page. If the Daily Mystic is repeatedly displaying incorrectly for you, please email [email protected] with details of your email program and the computer or device you are viewing it on.

You can edit this on your user dashboard, under Manage Account. The email that you have on there is the one the Daily Mystic goes to. You can also use it to log in instead of your user name.

No. It is a Mega Mystic members feature. But you can read samples of it here.

The Daily Mystic is written to be relevant for all time zones. It is sent out at 19.00 Universal Time on the previous evening. So, as an example, the Daily Mystic for Monday would arrive on Sunday evening if you are in the USA, Monday morning if you are in Australia.

The “for Monday” and so on is really just a construct – it would be just as accurate to say “Weekly email number one” or “Mystic Data Brief #56445” – it’s written for the now. While it’s fabulous that the days of the week still reference the old gods, it would be more astrally appropriate to run the Daily Mystic along lunar month lines.

In this case, the month would begin with the New Moon and end on the last day before the New Moon. The ‘dates’ would look more like /Taurus Moon Month First Quarter 1.’

However, to avoid confusion, it uses the standard day names to distinguish different emails from one another. When an exact time is important, the mention is linked to the Moon Calendar or Mystic details it so it’s clear.

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