Astrology Reports

The natal report is Mystic’s interpretation of your birth chart – that is, a map of the moment of your birth, depicted by the position of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars at the time.

You were born with particular constellations above you, beneath you, rising and setting.

Certain planets could have been in close proximity, meaning their nature is particularly potent within your psyche, others at odds with one another or simply not as dominant.

The report’s aim is to arm you with super-useful info and inspo so that you can maximize your astral attributes. They’re pragmatic where they need to be but never fatalistic or gloomy.

A transit report is Mystic’s take on your upcoming astrological influences. The word ‘transit’ literally means ‘journey’ but the astrological transit is more akin to genetics.

Just as certain environmental conditions and lifestyles can influence the expression of genes, the current astral influences your innate natal astrological ‘blueprint.’

There is no such thing as a “good” or a “bad” transit and anyone who tells you that you’re somehow doomed to have a phase of poor fortune is incorrect.

As Zora Neale Huston wrote, “there are years that ask questions and there are years that answer.”

Yes, absolutely. However, try to narrow it down if possible. Here are some suggestions that may help.

# Ask the hospital where you were born. It can be a tedious bureaucratic process but some keep detailed birth records. If it was a home birth, ask the midwife!

# Quiz relatives and people around at the time. Asking outright is unlikely to yield any information. But if you lightly chat about that era – news events at the time, weird weather phenoms etc – and then slip in a casual observation, it can be surprisingly helpful. Eg: “…wow, it must have been so hard for my mother to be heavily pregnant in a heatwave” or “oh well, at least the hospital wasn’t on strike...”

#If it is impossible to obtain or you’ve narrowed it down to “it was dark” – you can get your birth chart ‘rectified.’ Essentially an educated guess, the process involves a specialist astrologer assessing key events of your life and your appearance. The latter is not lookist – the factor that changes most rapidly over a 24 hour period is the Ascendant, the sign rising on the horizon. It also influences your broad vibe or image. Matching that up with a retro-engineered take on your significant events can be extremely accurate.

#You can also do your own version of rectification via Mystic’s Flashback reports. Select a year with pivotal events that you could narrow down to one day and try it with a few different birth times – the one that is ‘you’ will be remarkably accurate and feature dramatic transits the very week or even day that you recall as full-on.

#Even if you don’t know, they’re still effective. Simply select sunrise, noon or midnight if you think any of those are close-ish or ‘no time.’ The main difference it will make is that your Ascendant may be incorrect and possibly your Moon sign. In transit reports, the timing won’t be as exact but as Mercury, Venus, Mars and so on don’t move fast enough to make a significant difference over the day, there will still be plenty of certainty.

#A note about Caesarian births: Some hospitals note the time of birth as the moment the medical procedure began but the astrological moment is when you drew your first breath.


Report it to [email protected] but the geo-database is huge so this is unlikely. You input the first few letters of the town or city and wait a few seconds for the Atlas to find it. It auto-infills the state, province, or – in some cases – repeats the name of the city.

Its main purpose is to establish the latitude and longitude of the location accurately so occasionally it shows a rarely used county name to distinguish it from a place with a similar name. However, we are always happy to help or fix something if it is an actual bug.

Some people have requested we use geolocating program where the app auto-fills the address and then shows it on the map. At present, it is not going to happen because Mystic has privacy concerns about the technology.

The Astrology Report is available as an instant download upon purchase. Click the link that says “download your report” and there it is!

It is also available in your dashboard – under Astrology Reports. You don’t need to be a Mega Mystic member to have a dashboard – it’s created when you purchase something and is a good place to store Mp3s,  Astrology Reports, and birth data profiles that you can use in the Personal Daily Horoscopes or Astrology Reports.

The long-awaited Sorceress report – Mystic’s lowdown on your witchier astrological placements – is expected to be launched in July 2021. It was originally intended to be released in early 2020 but the necessary switch to Daily Horoscopes as well as the Personal Daily Horoscopes has delayed Sorceress and other astrology reports.

Mystic’s Astrology Reports use Placidus, a classic house system that is the most widely used because it works. She also likes the Koch house system for timing Outer Planet transits although the difference is imperceptible to anyone outside of avid astro-fiends.

For her Horoscopes, she uses the Solar House system, where you place the Sun sign as the Ascendant. Reading for both your Sun and the Rising sign can work – the Sun sign Horoscopes will probably feel more “you” and the Rising will be more accurate in terms of event timing. Of course, for precision, the Daily Personal Horoscopes, which are done off your actual birth chart, are the ultimate.

Mystic’s Horoscopes use a variety of techniques – Extra focus on the ruling planet of the Zodiac sign, Eclipse tracking, Heliocentric astrology (as seen from the Sun, rather than the typical Geocentric ‘from Earth’), Fixed Stars, Asteroids, the synodic cycles of Mercury + Venus + declinations.

Yes! Every Astrology Report is stored on your dashboard. The only exception is if you ordered one before May 2019, which was when we introduced the ‘instant downloads’ and ability to store them, along with the Mp3s.

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