Mystic Medusa is the pseudonym for a writer-astrologer based in Sydney, Australia. She loved Astrology since she discovered it at the age of approximately nine, and the passion has never waned. Her other interests fluctuate but broadly include sacred geometry, ancient cultures – particularly their starlore, lucid dreaming, pre-monotheistic deities + beliefs, geomancy, plant medicine, feminism, animal rights, geopolitics, essential oils, tarot, numerology, and social trends.

Mystic Medusa Astrology was launched in September 1999. The current version only dates back to 2009 because the legacy version of the site was Jurassic by internet standards. It’s been around so long that once, when it suddenly crashed apropos of nothing, the hosting guy apologized because he’d spilled his bong water on the server. These days it’s hosted brilliantly & securely, albeit always evolving.

Mystic Medusa’s Weekly Horoscopes have appeared in The Australian newspaper’s weekend edition* since July 1997. They used to appear in the magazine section and are now in the Review section.

It is exclusive to the Australian and this website, where the Horoscopes and premier content are for members only. You can see some of her work (sort of) on social media: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

*The print version only.

Mystic is a Sun Sign Pisces with Libra Moon & Aquarius Rising. There are references to her other placements threaded throughout the blog.

You can’t! Just joking. You can email [email protected] with “for Mystic” in the subject line and it will go straight into a folder specifically for her. That is, nobody else will read it.

However, as she receives an extraordinary amount of email and messages, please anticipate that she may take a week or longer to respond. If so, it’s not you – it’s time.

Social media messages will sometimes be responded to by Mystic but more often than not, her social media assistant. Pertinent messages are obviously forwarded to Mystic but they will be unavoidably read by others.

Not at the moment sorry. She has a tight circle of long-standing clients she consults with but has not got space for any more.

Mystic expresses her thoughts on Astrology, transits, natal positions and so on via the instant birth chart reports available on the site.

If this changes, it will be announced via the Daily Mystic email that is sent out to Mega Mystic members.

The Mystic Medusa image is by Olaf Hajek – Mystic commissioned it off him in 2012 after being dazzled by his artwork in a magazine.

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