The Perfect Jupiter Just Into Scorpio Read

Explorers Of The Infinite feels like an excellent Jupiter in Scorpio read. It combines adventure (very Jupiter) with the paranormal (Scorpio).

“The Secret Spiritual Lives of Extreme Athletes -and What They Reveal About Near-Death Experiences, Psychic Communication, and Touching the Beyond…”

A super-intrepid Aries Mega Mystic member just sent me this – she may not have realized, but it is absolutely THE aptest book for Jupiter newly into Scorpio.  It’s from 2008 but still. Jupiter = Sagacity and Adventure. Scorpio = spirituality, the paranormal and depth-thinking, among other themes.  Explorers of the Infinite is SO on-Zeitgeist it is ridiculous. I would have called “Spooky Extreme Weird Athletic Shit,” but that’s just Mercury in Aries being a bit crass. The author’s website is called Hidden Places.

As we head into Samhain/Halloween, now is a brilliant time to ponder spooky shit, telepathy, times when the veils between the dimensions become so flimsy you can see through and the presence of “other” that can be felt at certain times. Or as the author Explorers Of The Infinite has it, in particular places.

So where do you or where have you most felt the other-worldly presence? Or, if you are a natal Jupiter in Scorpio person, are you drawn to adventure quests and the supernatural? Strange realms of the world?

There are places that have magnetic fault lines and others are haunted. Some are on ley lines or dragon lines and others still harbor dark emotions, like radioactivity of the collective psyche.

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As a kid I felt bad vibes off of people in public where I’d feel a physical repulsion/shock when passing them that would run through me, I was maybe 6 or 7 when I first remember it. As a teenager I’d walk my dog at night and just be amazed at the trees in the neighbourhood, trees always seem so otherworldy to me. I don’t feel ghosts, the only one I’ve sensed was my grandmother’s presence for a few years after she passed, I find tuning into that sort of thing not helpful for me so I keep it out… Read more »


Nah, you’re just a fraidy cat 😉 I have some virgin bush on the Hawkesbury river and have to get there by boat. It’s a relatively long journey to pull up there from home and sometimes I get there and start heading down the track to my favorite spot and the land whispers in my ear … not today, stay on the shore. I’ve learnt to listen ! My place has many sandstone caves at the back and I’m sure was once inhabited by indigenous families. Have you read the book The Secret River, my place is in the vicinity… Read more »

Year of the Dragon

The Secret River is incredible, her other book the Lieutenant (?) about the vogage to witness the transit of Venus in the Southern Hemisphere


Yes, those places on that river, omg. Joshua Yeldhams art truly captures the deep mystery, the beauty and the power of those places. I have camped there many times by myself but I was never alone ! The river has tried to drown me a couple of times too. All the white men who have tried to tame this particular stretch of the river over the last 200 years have all been crushed by it. They never had a chance.


I think there are places in Australia that signal other entities, and the need to stay away. I was out bush with a survivalist once and we camped right off the beaten track. I remember working my way down a creek by myself one day and then suddenly getting the message ‘don’t go any further’. Like Mystic’s comment above, I don’t know if it was because the birds went quiet, but there was a sense of listening – something was listening to me. And looking further down the creek – it just didn’t look welcoming anymore. I backtracked in a… Read more »


My post was for you Al x


Esoterically, the Mountain is the place of Initiation into the further reaches of the universe. The Mountain is Capricorn. (Jesus was Capricorn and went up the mountain a few times). Once a person has cleaned out the swamp of Scorpio and has the arrow pointed single-mindedly upon the goal (Sagittarius), then the climb begins in Capricorn. Some meander around the mountain in spiral-like fashion gradually making the ascent, (like how many times do we transit our charts, circling round again at a more enlightened higher level); while others take the short straight route – up perpendicularly. I guess these are… Read more »


Beautiful Cynthia x

Life can be like a long straight highway that leads to the top of the mountain. Or one can take the untrodden path, where as Dylan says, the swift don’t win the race.
While we are here, now on this beautiful planet let’s not race to summit, let’s explore what being human on earth is all about. Prabhupada explained that life can be blissful. By simply accepting your true constitutional position in the universe (human on earth). The ego is put into place and hence finds its place.
Enjoy while you can, we aren’t here for long.


Thank you David for your response about accepting and enjoying being who you are in the universe. I think in my case there was an element of missionary zeal and “saviour mentality” which drove the ramzilla rush up the mountain but I am getting more of the energy consciousness coming through into the specific moments of time and place (our 3D world) and that it is not ego/me based but being more of a vehicle. Thanks davidl


This makes me think of the monastery at Montserrat, (in Catalonia outside of Barcelona) to which I rode a cable car, many years ago. So steep, it amazes me how they were able to build a beautiful 12th Century monastery ontop of 1200 feet of rock.

And there I reverently filed in to greet the mysterious Black Madonna, while hearing Gregorian chanting.
Definitely a ‘Peak’ experience


Yes… and with Mercury conjunct my vampy Venus in Scorpio today, I’m happy to add my voice here; All my life I saw ghosts – yet the skeptic in me chose fear of shadows. And then wham, come Pluto conjunct ascendant I’ve happily .. no scratch that, Ive surrendered and accepted these visits – usually dead relatives sitting on the end of my bed asking me to check in on a cousin who may have been present when they overdosed : disappeared : shot themselves (yes dark stuff :). I find the other side easier to talk and communicate with,… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix

In my early twenties I lived in Highgate Hill, the street had been owned by the Catholic Church and had a nunnery turned block of flats and we lived in an old priests’ house rented to us by a yoga teacher It was a crescent at the top of a hill With 360 views and one afternoon a big storm was blowing in and we ran outside to watch it. I saw forming out of the clouds a hand pointed straight, then an arm then the saw the wholeness. As big as the sky, a giant entity godlike formed from… Read more »


w o w


Wow I lived on top of Highgate Hill for about a decade in my thirties. I can’t place the block of flats you’re talking about but I lived in a similarly old house, backing onto the ‘gully’. It’s a magic place, especially Breakup Park (so named, because of the number of highly vocal breakups I witnessed there). Did you visit the little park leading down to the river? I used to go there a lot with my dog and it was a tiny pocket of privacy and wilderness. You could stand there looking out over the river and at a… Read more »

Year of the Dragon

Yes it’s is/was a very special place : ) we would wander around in the early dawn still faintly tripping from the night before and discover hidden gullys filled with yellow flowers and other wonders! I had a friend who live in Sankey Street which was practically vertical it was so steep. Off her tiny deck it was ancient wilderness, complete with pythons you could reach out and touch. That magical pocket is sadly gone after passionate protesting

Year of the Dragon

Oh was going to say it was Rosary Crescent

Goldy Hawnbag

I know that street. Visited a friend who rented an old house there – one of those beautifully dilapidated queenslanders that come with jungle gardens. I remember wandering into the gully before it was developed – over my head high spanish sunflowers and a little humpy tucked away in the middle of it. Magic.

Year of the Phoenix

Yes Spanish Sunflowers! That must be what they were! We would pick them and stivck them in our kitschy wall vases and such! HAPPY DAYS!


Love it! And I know the area of which you speak, YotP. For such a suburban area it sure had a pretty other worldly vibe around there, and down to the river too….. or the veils there seemed thinner between the worlds so to speak. When i first met my partner he was billeted in an old house up there replete with resident frill-neck lizard. This was about 30 yrs ago and was only there for 6 months, but I remember it well because I had AMAZING dreams there – and one i’ll never forget because it was the relationship… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix

Wow direct instructions from the source LOVE IT! And yes the river and the power that is still lingering and what magic had been had before? You would imagine it’s so beautiful people would have found it and stayed for millennia

Year of the Phoenix

Oh and the neighbor friend of a friend turned into my boyfriend of 6 years probably on the strength of that moment and him witnessing and knowing I hadn’t imagined it

And as I would love to have the otherworldly sex Dave is having it is my life goal!

On that magical hill in the flat next door I did have a taste of it whirling up together in energy


Ha – well If there is some kind of sacred-sexual or fecund type of juju going on there – i can’t help but think how perturbed those chaste priests & nuns of yore must of felt – esp during those fab Qld subtropical storms stirring up all that power… Frustration Hill… ?

The Year of the Phoenix

Even the nightly news calls it sultry on those extra steamy summer night wooooo driving those Poor souls crazy ha!


STOP it! You’re making me homesick!

(for a split second i saw spellcheck write horny i swear)


Ha! How much do you love it!


POINT LOBOS (California)

Mystic sometimes I think you are a mind reader

Was just meditating on this topic as I looked out at the sea towards Pt Lobos + feeling so drawn to it. Last time I visited it was like going home again


Suddenly Leo

Thanks for the tip – I always order your recs! ##mmbookclub

Amazon tip for anyone who might be interested: go to and a portion of the sale goes towards the charity of your choice.


ugh I know it’s meant to sound cool but that excerpt that “climbers are addicts” is just off-putting. Speak for yourself. I do believe some climbers could be addicts to something, but it just smacks of how cool heroin chic is. yuck. As a climber I am NOT going to read this book. I just googled her because even as a technical rock climber myself I had no idea who she was. Turns out Margot is an ice climber and has done several videos on addiction and climbing. Yawns-ville. I don’t need to read another story about some woman who… Read more »


Wherever I live. There have also been a few places that have introduced me to spirits that shouldn’t be messed with. I’ve found that being connected means sometimes having to avoid places I’d love to visit because the energies are too much.


In the Kimberley – looking at rock art, there were several caves/paintings/areas where we all could feel the spirits.

In Iceland, the areas supposed to be inhabited by elves were not enjoyable for me: it was like the earth was making noise, but instead of a pleasant bass hum like the Australian wilderness, it was a constant high acidic screech. The whole island was like that, actually. Could just hear/feel it better out in the tundra.
Not pleasant.


Oh, I’m dying to see the Kimberley. Must book in trip for next year!


I’m pretty energy-sensitive in general being rather Plutonic – I sense things, am tuned-in to the vibes of people and places, and have communicated with dead people on a handful of occasions. But by and large the dream state is where I seem to pick up the greatest amount of extrasensory information, and it has been absolutely off the Richter scale since Jupiter ingressed Scorpio! Besides the spontaneous spooky-cool Visitation “dream healing” last week from whoever/whatever, two nights ago I had a very symbolically literal dream warning about “things going downhill FAST” (gulp), and then this morning awoke with lyrics… Read more »


Always in my dreams. Sometimes a voice will tell me things clearly and insistently. The first time it was telling me that my friends brother had died. I called the next day and found out he had, indeed, unexpectedly passed away when I was about 12. Sometimes I just get visits or visions I’m shown in my dreams. Unfortunately sometimes it’s been info that’s highly personal to other people and pissed them off that I knew it. And it’s Not always earth shattering, once my maternal granny who died before I was born came by for a chat, and told… Read more »


At Hilldale near Paterson NSW there is a property called the Shelf. It is built, well, on a shelf butting against a cliff. The rugged drive way becomes inaccessible to 2wd cars so when visiting you walk in and walk out. The driveway is in pure Australian bush full of smells and sounds. But come night time there is a little bend in the track that has a small looming cliff. At night it becomes terrifying and something you would never do alone. When walking with husband dearest we decided that speaking nicely, singing and being respectful of the juju… Read more »


Love the NZ film shtick. I’ll watch anything out of the land of the long cloud. Something we had here but somehow have lost.


During sex. That’s my gateway to the ‘other’. That’s how I learned to find that other space in meditation. To me sex becomes the highest form of yoga when it’s performed within a devotional (Raja) context. Union with the higher self, samadhi, undisturbed peace.
In that state much more becomes evident, what is normally unseen can appear.


Wow I always wanted sex to be like that, but for me it’s at that lucid moment of waking up in the morning. I feel like I can peer into a crevice of another dimension for a very brief moment before the door shuts.


Have a look at Alex Grey’s amazing illustration in ‘Sacred Mirrors’ of how 2 people’s energy waves and weaves combining when having devotional sex is quite mind blowing in it’s intricacy. It will show you what David experiences (if i may be so bold in saying so David 🙂


Exactly David As I wrote here recently sex is my point of infinite. For me it’s ayahuasca !




That was for David, but yes U2.

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