Elizabeth Taylor gazing nervously up spiral staircase. Dreaming of stairs

What Does Dreaming Of Stairs Mean?

Dreaming Of Stairs means your subconscious is messaging you about your progress – up or down? And of how secure your ascent is. Or isn’t! Hands up who has scary stairs dreams? You dream of them when you are trying to ascend in life or apprehensive about moving down a level. And in your dreams at these times, stairs appear with a whole flight missing, so you’re trying to figure …

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Japanese Wave Painting

What Do Dreams About Waves Mean?

What do dreams about waves mean? Water in dreams is always your emotions. The state of the water in question is an excellent gauge to the inland ocean of your psyche. Turbulent water is troubled feelings. A placid rockpool lit by the sunset suggests a calmer temperament. When your dreams are giant waves sweeping in, your subconscious is signaling that beneath your business-as-usual demeanor or stoic insistence on everything being …

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Bee Symbolism

Blessed Bee

Bee symbolism is weirder than you think. Long an emblem of industrious prosperity, the Bee is linked to ancient Minoan bee goddesses.  Their hives hexagonal pattern (like a pentagram) connects them to Aphrodite and honey is a long-time Venusian metaphor. But there was an actual Bee Goddess in the ancient world and she is also an aspect of Artemis, the Moon Goddess. Some say bees navigate via tiny crystals embedded …

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Peacock Symbolism - Peacocks at night

Peacocks: Luxury, Beauty and Immortality

Peacock symbolism is fascinating. They’re the favorite bird of Juno/Hera, the Queen of Heaven. They are also associated with the Buddhist Star Goddess Tara and the Ancient Egyptian Isis. In Latin, their name is “pavo,” from the Sanskrit “Pavana” which means purity. “The pride of the peacock is the glory of God,” wrote William Blake. But then the Puritans twisted that into venal arrogance, suitable of condemnation. Once upon a …

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Chris Hemsworth as Thor

The Origin Of Thursday Is That It’s Magic

The origin of Thursday? It’s named after Thor – the Norse Thunder God also known as Jupiter. It is thus lucky for Sagittarians and their aspirations. In France, it’s Jeudi – Jove Day or Day of Jupiter. In many Indian languages, Thursday is Guruvar, as Guru is the Sanskrit name for Jupiter. And how nice to think of the Jupiter-blessed bits of your chart (natally or by transit) as having …

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