Ryan Gosling wearing old fashioned braces, short and tie

Ryan Gosling’s Dream Therapy

For his directorial debut, multiple Scorpio Ryan Gosling had his cast of actors do Dream Therapy, a modality he is reportedly an avid fan of.   For his directorial debut, the upcoming surreal fantasy How to Catch a Monster, Ryan Gosling (who also wrote the film) hired a dream analyst to advise his actors. Let that soak in for a minute: Ryan Gosling had his cast consult with a dream …

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Maleficent Is Lilith, Eris And More

Yes, Maleficent is the first Disney story told from the villainess point of view. But what about the magical Maleficent origins? She is undeniably a dark goddess Lilith type figure. Note also her Hathor style headgear. It is a homage to an ancient female deity, the Holy Cow herself. The Bible condensed many Mesopotamian Goddesses into one; the “Whore of Babylon.”  Maleficent’s wings recall Lilith, though Ishtar has also been …

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Dreaming Of Ex-Lovers And Neptunian Nights

Dreaming of ex-lovers, for no apparent reason? It’s confusing as hell. You don’t want to be with them and would probably scream the house down if you woke up with them. Or time-warped back to that era. So what is going on? At the moment, the Neptunian Nights are making dreams more evocative and therapeutic. So, if this is occurring now, see at as a gentle astral cue to resolve …

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Surrealist Owl Symbolism

Owl Symbolism Explained Brilliantly

Owl Symbolism is inextricably bound to Witch Vibe. Yes, any old dream dictionary will talk to you of wisdom and remind you that the Owl is exceptionally perceptive. At the very least, if you dream of an Owl or your attention is drawn to one, it is a signal to open your eyes. Stay still and take in all of your terrains. Listen with your inner ear. Pick up on …

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Master Key - keys are magical symbols and feature in fairy tales. Key symbolism illustrated by an enchanted key

Never Keep An Obsolete Key

Key symbolism is for real. They are emblems for so many things. I hired a Gemini locksmith who naturally knew everything.    These are some of the things he told me.  When you can’t get in your front door because the key does not work all of a sudden, it is time to re-examine your life. Keys are an initiation. You can see that in all the fairy tales. Keys …

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Cat Zodiac, Magic & Mythology

There is no need for a Cat Zodiac because they’re just like humans but with their Moon sign more important than the Sun. Cats are familiars, innately magic. You know maybe it is the conjunction of asteroid Ubasti (aka Bast – the Cat Goddess) with Pluto in Capricorn at the moment.  BUT I was just thinking how taken for granted the usage of the term “cat lady” as a put-down …

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