tree with strangler vines

Energy Vampires Are Like Strangler Vines

Energy vampires are like strangler vines on trees. They grow around the tree, and at first, it seems like a symbiotic relationship. Someone I know – a Taurus, oddly enough – is having to cut a strangler vine off his tree. It is a prick of a job as once they have latched on; the Strangler Vines do not want to let go. I am not a botanist, but the …

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Ancestral Hauntings

Ancestor astrology is spooky but amazing. Traditionally, it is one’s own ancestors who are meant to haunt you, is it not? Neither of my major ghostly apparitions was related to me. One was my then grandmother in law and the other a long-time commenter on this site, who sadly passed a few years back. But in classical Feng Shui, there is an “ancestors” corner where you can place images of …

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The Mind Blowing Cosmic Egg Mythology

Egg Symbolism is amazing. Check this out for some mind-blowing mythology around the Cosmic Egg. Learn about the egg and cut it with a flaming sword. In our world there is a bird more sublime than all others. To search for his egg be thy only concern. The egg of alchemy is a symbol for magical realisation.” Michael Maier – German Alchemist 1687 It is, of course, Easter – always …

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Psychic Looper

Time is not linear. Didn’t Einstein prove that? And the circling quantum nature of time is never more evident than in what I call Psychic Looper moments. One of my lovely Mega Mystic members wrote me this in relation to the Mars-Pluto intensity that dominated last week’s horoscopes: And interestingly having so much more compassion for my younger, more intense, seeking, often lost, pressure cookered self having to navigate through …

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Was Margaret Cavendish A Time Traveler?

Was Margaret Cavendish a time traveler? The 17th Century Duchess was more like a 21st Century person; a feminist, animal liberationist and sci-fi writer. Infuriatingly, we don’t know her birthtime. I am joking about the time travel. Lots of women did not have their birth dates recorded in that era. They were not considered important enough. But really, she was enough of an outlier to have come from the future. …

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origins of Valentine's Day - ancient Saint Valentine picture on stained glass

Valentine’s Day – The Men, The Myths, The Wolves.

The origins of Valentine’s Day are shrouded by flowery sentiment because it was in fact super bloody and more like a bad day in Westeros. Of all the Hallmark Holidays, Valentine’s Day is the worst. Single people are never so screwed (not literally) as they are on V-Day. On regular festive occasions like Thanksgiving, your Aunt Tina is there to remind you to sit at the “single, unmarried table.” But …

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