What Does It Mean When You Find Random Playing Cards?

What does it mean when you find random playing cards? I’m big on symbolism and omens in everyday life. Finding a playing card on the street is every bit as meaningful as an actual reading, probably more so. Signals and clues are everywhere, in waking consciousness and your dreams; the trick is to develop your consciousness so you notice them. This Ask Mystic question and my answer illustrates the point. …

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The Full Moon Firebird

    A Full Moon conjunct your Venus can be strange magic. That went quadruply for the Full Moon in Taurus a few days ago as it was also Mercury Retro. It was omen central for so many of us, as this tale attests. Hey Mystic! I’m going to write about a wild thing that happened. My relationship with a young Libra man is likely ending. We’ve been together for …

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black and white image of Betty Catroux kneeling on bed in minimalist room

Who Are Your Shadow Selves?

I mention Shadow Selves a lot but have never done an actual post about them. What or, more correctly, who are they? They’re vestiges of your former personae, reflecting stances you no longer hold. They are usually at power levels that you’ve ascended beyond. Shadow Selves are incognito and not officially ‘on the books.’  They’re not malign in intent. In fact, they most often pop up when you’re casting around …

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Wheel of Fortune pendant

Magical Symbols And Lucky Jupiter Vibe

What do you think these magical symbols on the pendant above are? Recently, in the Daily Mystic, I was talking about cool Jupiter rituals. And I just put that rave up on the site for easy reference. Why? Because the Galaxy King is parked on the Great Attractor for the whole month of August. That never happens. Or hasn’t so far as I know.  And it’s made even more potent …

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book about tree language and magic for Uranus in Taurus

The Secret Intelligence Of Trees

The Secret Intelligence of Trees may not be so concealed after we are done with Uranus in Taurus next decade. Shortly after Uranus got into Taurus, I had a strange vision during acupuncture. I was not asleep, but I was elsewhere, in an ancient feeling forest with vast trees. I felt their presence and gravity. Trees are magic, old magic, a deep earth spell. This epic email made me remember …

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Divination Tips

Frequently Requested: Divination Tips. How, people want to know, can they get the best results from an Oracle or Tarot reading, either the ones on this site or anywhere? The New Moon in Pisces is the perfect time to ponder such matters so, voila: (1) Don’t expect the Full Reveal. There is a Grand Unifying Underlying Cosmic Principle or Theory weaving fate-lines through multiple dimensions, loves, and lives. But it …

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