Daily Mystic For Tuesday May 24

Venus aligns with Eris-Persephone, evoking vivid recall of the romantic victories and/or defeats that shaped the you of today. It can also inspire aesthetic disgruntlement – the desire to throw off frippery or anything that impinges on movement.

If you’re in a set-up that’s required an element of subterfuge or for you to go in stealth mode so far as your strength and assets are concerned, you’re probably pulling together a plan to pull out.

If so, your mission will be much easier once Mars arrives in Aries  (23.17 Tuesday Universal Time) and even more so over June.

Even if you’re not cooking up a hot scheme, at flashpoint or looking for an exit strategy – others are.  So stay cool – do your ‘haute Eris + Mars’ without the discord – and strategically evade the inflammatory people or blame-stormers.


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Thank you Mystic! Also—“do your ‘haute Eris + Mars’”–I would love to read a take on elegant/elevated rage! Have never even considered it


Love this saying!

Corduroy jeans

Me too!

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