Daily Mystic For Weds 20 September

The Moon is about to be in Sagittarius* – for a good time, not a long time lol. These Moons are elating anytime but Neptune squaring the Galactic Center for the next several months makes every Saggo Moon potentially shamanic.

(Apologies to Leo and Aries but Sagittarius is the center of the galaxy) Every Sagittarius Moon supports candor and movement, all the best ideas and breakthrough moments come when you’re buzzing about, preferably outdoors.

Backed by prosperous Sun-Pluto “pentacles” vibe, this Moon favors enterprise, truth-talking, leaping lithely back into an exercise rhythm and research quests.

It’s great for romance and friendships that thrive on space but can test the clingy or conditional affinities.


Image: Diana Serviene

*Wednesday 14:05 Universal Time till Friday 20:20 Universal Time – see the Moon Calendar for your time zone’s details.

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Sadge moons are my 6th house energy.. A return to method and healing is usually a “find the forest, then you’ll find the trees” kind of exercise for me..


Having a roof over my head feels constricting, squashes my connect to the heavens.


Yep, I often feel like that


The stars make a lovely roof 🙂


I’ve been housewitching in the new place.
I moved the spot where I sleep to where I was going to have my desk and it felt immediately so much better. Loving the idea of putting a printing the astral magic chart on transparent paper and placing it over the floor plan. So far I’ve not gotten around to doing that but it’s a great idea. Easy enough to figure out where the main areas are with the compass on my iPhone, a long ruler and some blue tack for now. *it’s about consciousness* love that


Hey there that’s why you have been MIA…a new abode.
Happiness you are away from the share-mate that was giving you grief.
As sensitive individuals who is in our close proximity is tres important to our well being. x


oh indeed Pegs
I also went awol because things were super awkward where I was living and I kinda went silent on the comms front rather than broadcast and inadvertantly make the sitch worse by using the power of my marvelous magnifying mind, combining it with internet reach and create a committee to focus on something that frankly wasn’t optimal.
I love a bit of sharing and offloading and the odd vent is theraputic but yeah. Happy to report only happy, exciting edifying things on the home, social and work front currently.

Abode is lush, flat mate a Saggo carpenter, compulsive creator and genuinely decent person. Very lovely guy. Devoted dad to a french bulldog. Aesthetically, spiritually, emotionally, it all aligns. Just got the Astral Magic chart and love the insights.
Pluto in Sag building on the site of an actual match stick factory. Yup, where does the little match girl move when she’s living her best life?
An actual match factory!
Talk about rewriting the ending of your favourite myths eh?
That one, the red shoes and the handless maiden are my top three and clearly my hands have grown /are growing back.

one day at a time I’m fashioning a life / shoes more befitting my rootedness, dancing sanely without losing my balance I hope, maintaining an ethical stance.

How goes it in Pegs world currently?


So true! 🤗


Oh yes please

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