Daily Mystic For Tuesday 5 April

The current energy is weird but not in a style that you can’t manage brilliantly.

The Mars-Saturn alignment is definitive – it represents a turning point and/or the establishment of a new structure/protocol.

It’s fairly apparent on the world stage, with the sombre gravity that Mars and Saturn can resonate.  FYI the most recent Mars-Saturn conjunction was also in Aquarius, albeit the earliest degrees of it, in late March/early April 2020.

For individuals, Mars-Saturn is fantastic for taking command of business and worldly scenarios with a new brio: compare your baseline executive ability to the Mars-Saturn hook-up two years ago for a startling perspective.

In one significant area or another, you’re probably more competent, mature and a better leader.

That said, you’ve probably already hatched your genius concept or new, augmented Mars-Saturn standards/border.

Today’s Gemini Moon suits agility – sink into things too deeply and you miss the mercurial deftness. Tuesday’s mantra: Skim and Pivot.


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