Daily Mystic For Tuesday 31 May

Happy New Moon! It is, as this just-up post details, at a pivotal degree of Gemini. No matter what dimension of mundane challenges you’re grappling with this Mercury Retrograde, note the zingy little spark of genius* that floats around Monday and Tuesday this week. That’s the more potent influence, certainly more powerful than the mediocre, standard-issue stress factors.

Speaking of Mercury Retrograde, it will turn Direct this Friday at 8am Universal Time and then, a few hours later, it will align with Saturn and Neptune. This requires tactical nous but luckily, the strategy is simple: plod through till Friday taking care of things in the order that makes most sense to you – it’s not the time for sudden swerves or whimsical messaging with people you don’t know too well.

Anticipate – possibly – some sort of irksome communication or announcement by Friday and put off the response until – ideally – Monday at the earliest. If you need to respond earlier, brevity is brilliant. Less is more – especially when you’re dealing with edgy people. This will also leave your head clear for the upsurge of imagination, intimacy and consciousness elevation via the Neptunian influence!


*Think also connectivity and simpatio mindsets – elevating rapport between like minds.

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