Daily Mystic For Tuesday 22 March

Mind-power really is big at the moment – think about it:

(1) Mercury is between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, sparking high-vibe inspo that you can develop between now and mid-April AKA Jupiter conjunct Neptune exact.

(2) It’s particularly potent for subtle realizations and thought flow, reconnecting mind + psyche, conversation tangents that conjure up new styles of rapport, therapeutic or guided dream insights, clairaudience, and serendipitous encounters or creative realizations.

(3) We need it! Maintaining a good focus and high spirits in this turbulent end-of-Pluto-in-Capricorn era requires more mental discipline than usual. Think also of simple staples such as perfume, beautifying your surroundings, unprompted kindness, and raising your auric hygiene by shunning compulsive doom-scrolling or unproductive fretting.

(4) This is all the more important as Mars is square Uranus until 20.44 Universal Time on Tuesday – it makes for an unsettling atmosphere but with awareness – which you have, obviously – you can tap into the ingenuity to solve a long-standing glitch or grudge. Whether you hatch the idea yourself or are alert enough to recognize the shift/opportunity at whizzes in, the mind power is everything.


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Corduroy jeans

Thanks for reminding us to keep our heads clear, MM. And for the book tip?? (In pic above). Reminds me of Jose Silva’s 1977 Mind Control book, which is how I taught myself to meditate at age 12 in 1989. I lost my copy of the original print, but I see new editions on Booktopia. Happy days – will check out the above, too. Xx

Corduroy jeans

I sauntered over to the oracle to get my lucky talisman advice. I SWEAR this is the answer I got… Am telling you these days are FULL of magic – thank you MM, and thank you Universe! ✨🪄
“Curate your book shelf, keeping only what you love or will refer to again. Words and knowledge must circulate!”


Magic abounds for sure! I love that connection for you. I came here to thank MM as well for her guidance. The personal scopes and Oracle/Tarot have become daily rituals for reflection and revelation. Not to mention the observations and insights of people in the comments section! 💖

Corduroy jeans

Aww!🤗💖 right back atcha, WhiteWave 💖💖💖 And yes, as Olivia Newton-John sang ‘You have to believe, we are magic; nothin’ can stand in our way..’✨✨🤗

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