Daily Mystic For Monday May 9

Jupiter is just hours away from action Aries* – always a potent booster for enterprise and vim. It’s a restorative, good for revving up with extra-oomph to motor out of stagnant scenes. But where to? That’s the prob – A Fire element Jupiter  wants to actualize everything and if you read this while the Leo Moon is still in play, you could be at peak artistic frustration.

But Mercury turns Retrograde as Jupiter moves into Aries: so the momentum is up and  startover energy is all around but optimally? Put off significant directional decsions until mid-June. See your Scopes for more and listen to my mp3 rave – The Scorping – if you’re in the mood!

*Pisceans, fret not: it returns to Pisces from Halloween until the December solstice!

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